A woman corporal assigned to the Police Commissioner’s Office was shot several times in her Franklyn Town, east Kingston community as she made her way to work this morning.

Reports reaching OBSERVER ONLINE are that the woman was admitted to hospital in critical condition and is badly in need of blood.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force’s information arm the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) is yet to provide an update on the incident.

More information later.


  1. She died..And all now di dutty ppl dem a seh dem nuh see a who dweet.. All i kno kirk gan back pon lock dwn cus di police dem naw ease up pon deh one yah…Dog nyam unu suppa now

  2. Come kiss out kirk people rass we a police how d f**k we fi know a who shot har nuh worry bout our suppa and worry bout your own look how much pickney and family she have a kirk if dem no see why d f**k other people fi see

    1. Ugly soul! U is a living joncrow bait! Hope u sentiments follow you and you generations. Onu neva can see anything worthy in giving aid to onu fellow man. Mek a did something else bout har onu would ova yah a chay it.

      “…and so shall it be done”. Amen

      1. When cutta a kill people, beat people and stab up people she never yet see nothing so if the people them no see it’s all fair. When her bad family them a do things she don’t see nor know so people don’t see and don’t know either! Them all is the same thing only difference she in a police clothes. She a evil to so no sympathy the people them glad when her family do things to people them will get justice now.

  3. So people fe say dem see when dem no see ?

    So a same if the people dem did see unnuh woulda say dem see ?

    No wonder dem say dem no see

    You see weh me a say ?

    RIP lady but why would they ride up on her like that ?

  4. Trust mi kirk ppl know an nuh waan talk all mi haffi do is make two call an I will know. Joncrow dem 6 o’clock lock dun fi unu.

  5. @ Cutie how u iggy suh look like a yu man and him fren dem set up the woman life? Unu sick mi bloodclatt stomach bout nuhbody nuh see ppl di dah pon di f***ng rd ole idiot gyal…dem need fi turn een the woman purse wid har gun in dah dat unu need fi rass du…mi born And grow a kirk suh nuh badda feel like mi nuh know how kirk run… I don’t care weh dem wa seh this was not a random killing. This was a plan/set up…Y i couldn’t tell but it nuh jus happen suh.

    My condolences to the family and friends

  6. Diamond92 that’s exactly wat i heard, i have a fren a kirk ans she tell mi seh a police kill dat lady, she did deh wid a policeman and him buy her a car, she and him leff and she sell the car and give di man only half a di money, dem seh is not even kirk man dem kill her, police set up her life.

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