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  1. Please mi a beg unu nuh trace off mi ole draws off a mi fi this ,but don’t this boy look like he has autism or him just nah dawg manners as mi granny use to say ,not once mi hear yes sir or no sir and him Madda always a defend him school fee ,kmt

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  2. Boy English Rose me usually no hold back and just talk it right out but because is a kid me a go go easy. But clearly the child has some kind of problem and she as a parent just siddung beside him and a keke keke. Clearly he did not receive much parenting.

    I am not sure if he has a mental issue but by the way he speaks about them. I don’t think he believes they were involved in his life enough.

    I nearly dead when Winford ask her, “Really, Angel you can show us more than you have shown us.” The man a talk bout how much times we see the pussy.

    The biggest problem Angel have is that she wanted so much to be an uptown girl she got lost in the hype. And clearly this young man has been affected.

    All my two year old a ask If me no think he was acting weird.

    1. Dem waa send dem kids to big money school and money nuh mean good school because u haffi come from good home…morning

  3. Poor D’Angel. All the nastiness a come back fi bite you. Stop party and try teach u pikney to read and write and have some manners.

  4. Wow! I am very surprised at the way he Marco Dean presents himself. I was not expecting this at all. As English Rose said he may not be a typical child. However, I noticed that he speaks very much like his mother.

  5. Please give the poor child a break on use of langauge, He is just imitating what he heard is mother saying, for instance the when he said “im noh tell mi when mi a leave” ” that sound like something D’angel would say around him when she find out that Beenieman not in the island and “Di pickney dem bad eeh ” this must be what she said to after viewing the play he was in. ( Bad meaning their performance was good) His English was a much better when he spoke about the present he had for his mother, It’s in my my bag, I made it in art” So i guess when he is at school try to speak properly. What D’angel should do is correct him when he repeats her manner of speaking at home. As for those who are saying something is wrong with him, and not a typical child , ( I saw on you-tube where someone said that he look like has mental problems) SHAME ON YOU. the poor boy is just being a kid and reacting to bright lights and camera, notice that he keeps looking himself on the monitor something off stage and doing all sort of gestures, English Rose , Anonymous at 8:23 am and Real , Please remember Marco-Dean is just child and his behavior is such. say all you want about his mother but please don’t put psychological labels on the child .

    1. @Anonymous at 9:16 am Do you know what is Autism and how an autistic child behaved compared to child who is put in front of camera with bright lights?

  6. wow. one think mi can say met, u have the perfect ppl dem pon yuh site doe. dem have the perfect man, the perfect child, the perfect life. this is a dam child ppl. why summin have to be wrong wid him, I would really love to spend the day in y’all perfect life. he’s on t.v, he’s nervous what y’all expect. smfh. I can’t with y’all .

    1. Just so unu know I have 4 imperfect children and 1 is autistic /asperger to be exact , and marco dean a act like my son now what kmt

  7. I couldnt watch the whole video because he seemed very nervous and I hate the fact that his mother put him in a place of discomfort..For the labels misty is correct..It is not right to label children, it creates spiritual problems.

    1. @cham , you must have never been to any school to come up with a comment like that . Why do you to think that going to a Prep School make your child more intelligent or smarter than a going to Primary school?

  8. Mi nuh tink anyting wrong wid di likkle bwoy developmentally. Him jus lack some good home training…an it mus hard pon him cah poor ting nuh come outta good stables. Di fool fool mumma nuffi put di pickney inna dem deh limelight doe….mek di pickney do tings weh pickney fi do… read good book, play marbles, likkle video games, an ride him bicycle, an dem tings deh. Dem luv force ripe di pickney dem. Ef anybody have developmental issues it woulda be him Mumma…mi not even ago touch di Puppa since him neva deh deh.

    1. Mi haffi agree with you. Some kids naturally love limelight and attention. Kids like those you can have in those settings. But if you know your child is reserved and shy don’t push him or her. Some a dem love attention too much so dem pimp out dem kids to the public kmt.

  9. Morning Met and all! I didn’t get to watch the whole thing but he just seemed nervous in the part I saw lol. Like any typical child or any adult in such a setting for the first time.

  10. please stop he is not autistic just a typical nine year old being himself look and talk like his mom give him a pass cute kids i hate when you guys talk about kids in a bad way stop it

  11. This is a classic case of pushing a child to do something he is not yet comfortable with. I can bet that if the interview were done in a more familiar setting like say for instance his home it would have been a better representation of him as a child.

  12. Good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…..

    Michelle its obvious this little bwoy didn’t want to be there,he keeps looking tuh you fi mek sure him a ansa the way u want him tuh him extremely nervous.

  13. Not saying that not being typical is anything “bad” just that many children learn at different levels …..I have a child that is double exceptionality …..where in a child can be considered gifted however they still have a learning disability because of their understanding……but maybe he is just shy ….

  14. Morning, met, metters and peepers… i’m back in di place, not for long tho, soo affi cut again. busy studying for final exam…mi watched di interview, and even if he was camera shy with bright according to unuh, at fi him age him shoulda know the common courtesy like , yes sir, no sir, excuse me whenever someone talking etc…mi anuh the type to put dung people children but he is clearly an autistic child…(mi have vast amount of knowledge)…even stevie wonder can see it….

  15. she tutored him before di interview dats y everytime Winford asked him a question, him paused before him answa an look pon har becuz him a try rememba weh fi seh…common courtesy nuh have nothin fi do wid shyness.

  16. A wah this now????? Angel she tun Kardashian mumma, and a pimp out har pickney!!!! Such a sweet little boy, clearly he wasnt ready for this at all. I can relate to him being camera shy, I can just imagine how nervous he was. I know he would have been nervous to be placed on a platform such as this, cauz mi a big woman and if a camera light ketch mi; cold sweat start wash mi, mi a chat and not a word nah come out a mi mouth, mi cum in like a deer caught in the head lights, mi affi tek a minute fi regain mi composure, so mi nah expect too much from him still, any typical child would be nervous. Mi nah jump to the conclusion seh because him mother and father in the spotlight, him expose to this sort of thing on a regular basis, I dont know why, but for some reason the least I was expecting was for him to answer in a mannerly fashion, thereby saying yes sir, no sirs,, as English Rose seh up top. I dont see why this interview was necessary though, clearly nerves kicked in and got the best of him. But D Angel have some more work fi do in the home training department, because as me watch it d fust thing come to mind a mi granny saying “yuh nuh got nuh likkle broughtupsy???!!! although sometime you do teach them and they depart from those teachings, but then again if mumma nuh got it how she a go impart it.. But stick a pin???!!!! Dont Carlene have a nice lil daughter for Beenie too??? and a dont see her showcasing har like this frighten friday, at least not that I know of!!!! Dont get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong wid doing an interview with your child, but if he was very articulate and able to handle him self well in a situation like this, I would totally understand, but this child is lacking the necessary motor skills needed to do this televised interview. Metty yuh stepson a get big deh thou :maho :ngacir: * run and hide, cauz mi nuh want yuh trace mi enuh! Big up unuh self Metty and Metters long time mi nuh drop mi 2 cents, hope everything capaset and everybody aright! :peluk

  17. He said he wants to help people that is nice….. but it look like they want to put him in the industry…. typical child but you can see that him tek everything from the mother talk like har even har face expression

  18. Good Morninnnnnnnnnnnnnng!!! Met. In my typical fashion mi come fi dash back pan them without warning. Cause me know some a them did a go want flair up like sore. No one is trying to pass remarks about the child…..but as usually angel thought she was cute by bringing this child into the limelight. Therefore we have to let it be known that instead of bringing him into the spotlight where he clearly doesn’t want to be or belongs just take some time out to take care of him and grow him normally.

    Nothing bout him no spell typical 9 year old. I don’t believe anyone can diagnose him from this one moment ……but clearly he needs more parenting. If it is the case that he does have some problem like autism, he should not be on no darn national t.v.
    If he doesn’t and he already stated to his parents that he wants no part of the entertainment business. This might have very well been from his uptown bringing up, because when he is around other nine year olds who are adjusted and their parents telling them they should be lawyer and Doctor then that is what he is going to talk about to.

    Nine year old a big age anywhere much less yard. That a one year before Common Entrance. When me a 9 mi never perfect…. but no gal no boy can’T carry pan Winford if me no want go(in the case that I am indeed shy), And if me go pan Winford and him ask me question and me bex fi deh deh. Mi tell him no ask me nothing go ask him Mumma….and if mi did want deal with it cordially. I woulda speaki spoki. Everybody is not the same…..but across the board none of the reactions that child gave on that interview were normal., to say the least.

  19. @Met, i really dont think any harm was meant by the comments dem. People make inference based on personal knowledge and experiences. People sometimes hear the term “Autism” and immediately becomes irate..Autism is a broad diagnosis and today its far more apparent than yrs ago. While i wouldnt speculate, based on what i observed, the little boy appears distracted, unable to sit still, difficulty staying focused ect. While these behaviors could be nervousness, adhd could be a possibility. however, angel need fi do betta wid mannerisms.

  20. this lil boy nuh shy nutten @9 yrs old him suppose to be able fi comprehend certain things am not throwing shade or anything but his mother need to maybe carry him go one a them specialist at school don’tknow if jJamaica have such a thing for school children but u can clearly see and am no professional just an observer. This is all constructed criticism suh nuh badda jump pon me pls n tonx

    1. You cant put your child in a school because the school a name brand . Put your child in a school because you know for sure it will be worth your child’s while..Fi all the money that a pay ina school fee it nah show…Nothing nuh wrong wid him but his mother needs to pull up a lot of things because it dont look good at all. And spend more time wid him instead of saying she spend time..Mi still cant watch all of it im too embarrassed :travel

      1. When you speak your child should listen, if your child needs to speak he or she needs to say excuse me. There is really no excuse but now I know why she behaves the way she does..Angel really dont know better dan she doing

      2. Met u know say mi watch mayb 3mins of it this morning n I cringed for 4 mins it’s obvious he does not communicate we’ll seems like he is mayb a television kid he is not use to conversations n having one but whey me know a shyness (rolls ma eyes)

        1. But some tv pickney bright ask me because mi have .. :hammer , he is around children his age at school so if he isn’t communicating within normal range something is wrong..As mi seh it nuh mek sense waste time send go a big school when small school working more effective ..I stopped watching when he said she nuh come a every one a him ting deh..I couldn’t watch and will not. But I can take back my words this morning…he isn’t really shy

          1. Mi nuh waa no pickney come to mi wid seriously eno because mi will laugh and gi 3 serious good lick bakka dat

          2. Haha Met no easy eno a me fi tell bout television pikney whey bright my goddaughter a 6yrs n love har Telly but whenever I keep her or have her with me I don’t lack for conversation I have to remind my self that she’s a kid sometimes
            Angel it’s not too late spend time with your child

          3. But why she go pan tv bout she nuh miss nothing whey him have?..Kartel a set up fi him own dem so she a bring out Marco Dean to? What was the purpose of this here?? She is very determine but it has not worked for her in the industry so it is time to now to hang up the apron and pursue something more meaningful..which is motherhood

  21. Sorry, but one thing I know is that prep schools do teach children communication skills and how to articulate themselves well. For the school this young man is going to, it does not show on him. All mi know seh is dat it is imperative fi parents choose a school fi dem child dat dem know di child will get good attention, especially in their formative years, cause we done know seh some of dese places put dem attention pon certain and certains. And when you name a nuh ambassador dis, professor dat, and ceo yasso, u pickney may get left behind. Juss a send u pickney to particular school fi allow you di opportunity fi rub shouldas wid certain and certains nuh enough, espescially when u haffi a train pint fi ketch quart fi dem guh, di schooling is bout ur child’s fucha. Big up to all di public primary school and teachas wah wuck tun up.

  22. Good morning Met and all others,
    Overall this little boy has no home training,no class and no dam manners.
    For such prominent parents who are always in the spotlight,I would expect his grammar and mannerisms to be more polished.
    Not going to touch on whether he has autism or Attention deficit disorder,so moving over that point.
    What I see and learn from this video is money definitely cannot buy class.
    He was not trained in the areas of “yes sir,no sir” and speak when you are been spoken to or else keep your ass quiet.
    Angel time to read a book on proper parenting and step back from the spotlight. :travel

  23. The bottom line is if the parents are not reinforcing what is learned at school, it makes it very difficult for the child to act accordingly. I have spoken to a number of Prep School kids in Jamaica and they speak perfect English and know how to interact with adults in an appropriate fashion. In fact, some of these kids are light years ahead of American kids in their oral skills. Some parents think that all they have to do is send their kids to a certain Prep School and that is all that is required.

    I saw birthday pictures of Marco Dean’s Birth Day Party and most of the kids in attendance were white (Jamaican?) Kids. Frankly, I think the mother believes her son should only “mix” with certain kids from a certain socioeconomic background. Something she is probably unable to afford. The Tuition of some of the Elite Prep Schools are quite expensive and a lot of Jamaicans parents simply hang the hats where they cannot reach it. I had to step in a few occasions to assit relatives with Tuition fund because they couldn’t afford the upcoming tuition payment. When asked why not send the kid to Primary school, they look at you as if you are suggesting that they commit a crime.

  24. I could swear we were both pregnant same time and have baby 2 months before har, my child is 7…Clearly him uncomfortable, him ago need braces though D’angel

  25. Honestly mi nuh really see ADHD or nutten like dat. Mi see lack of home training and manners. Di man use di right word “hyperactive” A since mi come a farrin mi realize say as pickney start act “hyper” dem quick fi label dem, especially dem white ppl here. I’ve been around kids with ADHD/Autism and most of them are quiet, play by themselves, talk with themselves so hyperactivity is not always a sign that something is wrong. I’ve been around “Normal” kids who mek mi dizzy as fukk. Cyaan kipp still fi nutten. He looks spoiled, him look own-way (as mi granny call it) and it looks as if he was “babied” for far too long so his growth process was very skow. Dats why at 9, him act like 5. Hear him say him a Teachers Pet. Sometimes we baby dem too much an limit dem mentality to that of a baby. But mi nuh see no sign of anything wrong. Him need some mannaz cause him a talk while him mumma talking. Dat shit piss mi off cause mi wudda have to pause taping and give him 2 pinch pon him lip. Lol.

    1. Cita memba autism come ina varied forms pan whatever spectrum dem use. Children learn and adapt quickly so him being in school would speed up his growth process so if something short there maybe di school a baby him tuh den as u say ..memba 9 year shy of one year common entrance back ina di days so him really supposed headed more up…Angel boast bout paying school fee ina U.S di whole a dem neva see come see frighten fi dese so called U.S based typed schools and the last time we checked the U.S education system did a beg Jamaican teachers help fi jump start their own.

      1. Not having basic manners is not cool..even di royals have manners so it must be useful for something :travel

          1. Dat mean our system did well right and fi dem own did velly wrong den?So why dem running into U.S based schools den??

          2. A dem u call Neva see come see just because it say US dem think it better poor souls but most importantly ur child have to get the first set of learning skills at home is where u teach them to listen well speak well and everything else falls in place after

  26. You see it a lot of people did not watch all of the video. But from me start watch I was so intrigued I had to watch to the end. But nobody no fi tek it wrong sometime as parents we have to take time out to take care of our kids. Mi no near rich like Angel and although me want start me business. Mi decide that me need to be there for my kid right now. My child is at a critical stage in his life where I saw that he really needs me, so I decided to work part time. It set me back big time financially, but me know when my child reach 9 he will be really ready for the road.

    That is the point that we are trying to make, ensure that uno tek time out for uno kids.

    1. :shakehand2 :shakehand2 :shakehand2 :shakehand2 :shakehand2 she too busy a skin out pon stage fi go take time out for her son. And even if she did, what will she teach him? Sometimes as parents, we so focused on providing the material things that we forget the other important things: time, guidance, love and home training. Just like how a garden can’t get rain or sun all the time, is same way kids need balance.

  27. He is 7 years old, born November 2006. Remember she was pregnant at the wedding in August 2006. He’s a cute little boy, I don’t think anything is wrong with him.


  29. Listen, some of you people a talk pure shit. I have seen many kids from Jamaica and overseas and on camera and dem nuh behave nothing like how this kid a behave. Dem have manners and respond to whoever a talk to them in a mannerable fashion. Me cannot say him have mental issues because me nuh trained in that area but I can see that he has no home training whatsoever. Camera or no camera, pickney fi know how fi talk to people. Him nuh have no damn manners or home training. Can I blame him for that? No, me haffi blame the parents. Me couldn’t finish watch the interview. All I kept saying to myself is “What a damn pickney dark.”

    Me nuh read all the comments but me see some people a talk bout prep school nuh better than primary and whatever. Please stop trying to front. Oonu a hypocrites. We all know that primary school kids and prep school kids generally behave totally different and if you check the levels, the fact is that prep school students do perform better than primary school students and that is not based on opinion. In 2013, only 4 primary schools made the top 100 list for gsat results so what that tell you?

    This kid is not being a normal 7 yr old. Him just nuh have no damn manners nor home training.

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