Mariah Carey’s lyrics were actually used in the ad her sister posted online looking for Johns!
The pop diva’s sister was arrested on a prostitution charge in Saugerties on Friday and police are saying anyone who may have had a sexual encounter with the woman should see their doctor.
Alison A. Carey, 55, the older sister of Mariah, was arrested by Saugerties police after an undercover investigation. She was prostituting out of an unnamed Saugerties hotel. She offered sexual favors in exchange for money from an undercover cop.
According to police, when she was arrested Carey identified herself as the sister of Mariah.
An ad posted online contained two photos of Carey and read –
“Im a pretty lady looking for guys who are looking to have some fun and get into a world of pleasure that other woman just cant provide two you,woman with the ability to make the earth move for you and to get you to see stars, oh yea with me its, ”ITS SUCH A SWEET,SWEET FANTASY BABY, WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES I COME AND TAKE YOU ON AND ON.”
Ummmmm…. yep, that’s from Mariah’s 1995 hit, “Fantasy”

Carey was arraigned and sent to the Ulster County Jail in lieu of $1,000 bail.
She is due in Saugerties Town Court on Tuesday, Aug. 30.


  1. She need to forgive and help her sister kick her addiction even by drastic means or force. Wasnt there rumours of the A? Is tht why police said see Doc if contact with her. My God
    Dem look alike bad, except Mariah money refine her

  2. Mariah is a self-absorb bitch! Who wudnt want take shame outa dem yiye and help a sibling?? This goes to show that bitch is selfish! As much as mi cyaa stand Nicky Minaj how she dealt with Nicky on the judging panel brought tears to my eyes! Full of herself too much damn shady top heavy bitch! Sister is crying out for help smh her eyes tells she’s lost

  3. It really sticky bad yes fe be 55 and a sell pums fe survive. The media have a field day reporting on Superstars like Madonna, Halle, and now Mariah who’s worth millions, and keep dem money to demselves. Someting went wrong somewhere fe know say dat dem have siblings who a suffer, and dem know and refuse to help dem. Only de “successful” sibling, and de “sufferer” sibling know a wah did go dung between dem.

    1. Mariah has helped her sister financially, rehab,looking after her sister’s son. You name it, Mariah has done it. But a crackhead is hard to help. The addiction is strong and they will lie lie lie. After a while, the strongest person will give up and I honestly think Mariah has had enough. It’s not the money. She could continue to support her but it’s watching someone you love that will never mend their ways. Sometimes it is easier to walk away than watch someone you love destroy themselves.

  4. Its been a while since ive heard that her sister needs alot a help but she refuses. Only God and them knows whay went down and why their relationship has come to this, shit.

  5. A lie Unuh a tell Mariah help her so many many times and she go rightback to what she been doing…some people just cannot be helped she need God a dat she need money notgonna help her no more.Can you really help somebody who really Unuh want help oh please.

  6. You shouldn’t pass judgement on others unless you have walked a mile in their shoes. Have you help a family member with addiction or mental health issues? It is a life changing event. You end up feeling helpless and powerless to convince your family member to seek help or take advantage of the help you have secure for them. Do you know how many times Mariah Carey had paid for addiction counselling and/or weeks/months of in-facility care for her sister to kick the habit (expensive)?

    After a while it starts to affect you the person trying to help. Eventually, for your own well being, you have to extricate yourself from the situation in order to avoid falling victim to the same issues your family member is going through.

    Stop calling people selfish when you no zero about what they have done in the past to help their loved ones.

    1. Agreed. I worked in substance abuse and it is a monster!!! Acceptance is the first step in moving towards sobriety, anything less nah guh mek it. Yuh caan get someone clean, dem haffi want to be clean. At 55 she still ah sell front fi support har addiction…it nuh pretty.

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