Nuh cuss nor run mi however I just noticed that Cecelie as pictures of all the winning athletes and none of bolt a wonder if a because she and him nuh gree?

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  1. Yes! she is under the cold case victims. Proppa killings usain a gwan wid from waaaay back. A betta him did gwan a diamond leagues cause wid dem u Caah stop…. keep going all when Yuh have millions mek more but no stop till jah jah mek Yuh stop cause him betta prepare all when a u use Yuh foot an run to dat money dem will still try tek it back lol so a betta Yuh just keep running mek Yuh mind occupied…. All jokes aside still cause more time Mi comment f***y fi laughs an fun….. I really never believed usain would be the type to be loud an out I thought he would have been more secretive based on his name in the world…. leave hype for ppl who are not of your calibre. If a di right word dat but mi naw check it :army:

  2. The question is: Is Usain back on Jamaican soil yet? I know that after the Olympics some of the Kenyan runners were stuck in Rio because their government never had de funds fe deal wid dem plane fare right away. Dis is NOT the case for Usain and the other Jamaican Athletes who participated. So Senda, let’s watch and see who him tek picchas wid, when him come back a yaad.

  3. Maybe she have up Usain because har babyfather spend so much time wid him, so how Chrissy Martin neva reach London since him never go Rio

  4. Honestly met a from olympic time when unuh deh pan Kasi case mi wah sen in an ask where is Bolt’s other bitches like Chris Martin how dem neva deh Rio or even London ?? Lol a tru me couldnt badda, the way how Chris Martin hype not even the uptown ute dem can stan him.

  5. Cecile did that song n sey in interview her man haffi bow pon her at the time she was with Chris Martin.maybe her strategy was to get to bolt through Chris n it never work out so hence the bitterness.

    Everyday ppl deh wid the fren of the object of them desire.she need to tek pointers from kasi who successfully upgraded from one brother to the next!

  6. Probably hates Bolt because Chris spend so much time at his house. Cecile is a stalker too so Bolt probably ban her from his premises and she bitter about it.

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    badgyalcecile Im so proud. #usainbolt #superherobolt #legend #creatinghistory My #asafapowell who was so gracious in his interview with Felix Sanchez and ran beautifully for us..loved the confidence of #yohanblake #pastorblake and #ashmeade who was amazing. The comradery was so all represented Jamaica and yourselves to the fullest..#teamjamaica #rio2016 photocred #bbcsports #bbcworldsports

    (Simplicity Soon Sign In)

  8. Met in todays Observer Newspaper, they have 2 pics of a young Usain, why they have to use the same pic with his “peen” print out TWICE? All front and center in the Olympics featurethen again in the Agenda pages. Guess all who a speculate can see his size regular or not

      1. Whe u a correct me fah? Observer not a newspaper? Is the physical paper me a read so whe u waan mi call it news print, print version? what Madam Shareholder?
        Yea mi see disgusting pic twice so mi tell Met bout it esp since him “Regular Size” mek world headline news

        1. Wow. Ignorant much. I wasn’t correcting you, I was agreeing with you. It was a figure of speech dunce head duppybat. Me feel shame fi yuh.

  9. On a side note…what did cecile’s grandfather do for a living because she cant stop big up his house/mansion in manchester. I realize she is very boasy about the house which at this point looks like it needs to be updated. I was just curious because I didnt know she came from money

    1. Her grandfather is Cecil Charlton, former Mayor of Mandeville. Politricks money from back den, dont know if dem still have money or it devalue now so house ad furniture cant update.

  10. Yes they were an influential family in Mandeville. Her Grandfather, Cecil Charlton was a former Mayor, couple places in Mandeville have been named after him.

  11. Yes everybody meaning top peoplewanted her to turn out classy and not a dancehall artiste they were disappointed, u know how dem older people deh judgemental.

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