A former JetBlue flight attendant accused of trying to sneak a suitcase full of cocaine through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and making a dramatic dash to escape is set to plead guilty in the case in federal court on Monday.

Marsha Gay Reynolds is expected to plead guilty to conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine in federal court, according to court documents. A conviction on that charge carries a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison.

Reynolds, a US citizen and resident of Queens, New York, is a former Jamaican beauty queen and New York University track athlete.

Authorities said they found 70 pounds of cocaine in her luggage at LAX on March 18 after she was flagged for a random security screening, flung off her high heels and bolted barefoot down an upward-moving escalator. They said she ran out of the terminal and made her way to New York.

Reynolds, 31 at the time, surrendered in New York days later.

An attorney for Reynolds at the time said she might not have been sure what was in her bag.

A court document filed by prosecutors on Friday said for the first time that Reynolds was getting paid thousands of dollars to help smuggle drugs and money through airport security at LAX and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

An unindicted and unnamed co-conspirator illegally in the US would give Reynolds the cocaine and money, and she would use her “known crew member badge” to get them through security, after which she would give them back to the co-conspirator, according to the document.

The co-conspirator fled to Jamaica, according to the document.

12 thoughts on “MARSHA-GAY GET A PLEA DEAL

  1. Lies she know lol how u gonna carry something for someone and not know? And no first time running gonna carry so much…so she love her man so much why she didn’t marry him?

  2. So Marsha decide fi name , name…wasn’t worth it in the end. Hope she have strong strong proof that he was behind it.

  3. It says minimum 10 years. You know them love fi mek example out a wi. Unno nuh remember the lady from Lime Tree lane (can’t remember her name) who go tek up tings go England and the judge laid it into her. Bout she leave her polluted country fi come mash up England. HEH!!!

    Marsha, if you get 10 years yuh lucky. Can still live a decent life. Pray dem nuh gi yuh tutty.

  4. Most time when dem give up people proof already their remember Feds are very smart either they call with dem listening or they bugs remember she call someone when she run her phone records state who she call then they trace down the line look on camera at the big airport to see who pick her up shoes less question him where drop off remember people start talk most of these involved folks ain’t loyal it’s lick up vs free 10 a lot must less how much more she would a get all her pupa me hear get lock up in this one big boys know you lying it automatically 5 years

  5. Marsha you ago do 10 years fi the boy a 90s. and where he is now? in Jamaica adding on to his house and doing big fixing. his BM was in big problem couple months ago and him make sure get her out of the trouble so what happen to you? You better start talk on all of them hell send them go Jamaica go pick up the ppl dem cause you well and know where in Jamaica they live. cause you use to go their nuff. oh wasn’t you @ his mother funeral a year ago

  6. Speaking of Feds and prison but Met question what ever happen to roxy aka foxy from jersey the one that went to prison !!! She use to deh wit Grammy Kidd it’s been years now no update??

  7. Her baggage now includes a felony conviction.

    The JetBlue flight attendant from Queens who kicked off her designer heels and sprinted down an up escalator when caught with 60 pounds of cocaine in her luggage at LAX last March pleaded guilty to conspiracy Monday.

    Marsha Gay Reynolds, 32, appeared in Los Angeles federal court wearing a white jail uniform and entered her plea to one felony count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute.

    She faces 10 years to life in prison at her sentencing set for March 13.

    JetBlue employee charged with smuggling coke due in court
    “She’s doing fine. She’s not a jailbird,” her lawyer Stuart Goldfarb told the Daily News after the hearing.

    “This is the first time she’s been charged with anything like this.”

    He declined to say how much his client knew about the multimillion-dollar cocaine trafficking scheme, but stressed Reynolds’ plea was not tied to any agreement with prosecutors to testify against possible co-conspirators.

    “If someone accepts responsibility, there’s a possibility of (her) getting less time,” he said. “(But) she’s not cooperating. She’s not doing that.”

    Drug mule cuffed at Kennedy Airport in failed smuggling attempt
    The Jamaica-born former beauty pageant contestant — a runner-up in the Miss Jamaica World pageant in 2008 — was paid thousands of dollars to smuggle carry-on bags through airport screening checkpoints and then hand them off to a co-conspirator on the other side before the individual boarded flights, prosecutors said.

    As a JetBlue employee, Reynolds had access to the Known Crew Member (KCM) checkpoints that are generally exempt from TSA baggage screening except in rare cases of random searches
    Authorities say she left behind 60 pounds of cocaine after flinging off her heels and running from security at Los Angeles International Airport.
    Authorities say she left behind 60 pounds of cocaine after flinging off her heels and running from security at Los Angeles International Airport. (LOS ANGELES AIRPORT POLICE)
    Prosecutors said Reynolds and the co-conspirator — identified only by the initials G.B. in court records — traveled together between New York and Los Angeles on multiple flights between October 2015 and March 2016.

    It was March 18 that Reynolds was attempting to get the 60 pounds of cocaine through a KCM checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport when she was flagged by the computer for a bag search.

    JetBlue launches flights from Kennedy Airport to Havana
    She became visibly agitated and spoke to someone on her cell phone in what sounded like a foreign language before she ditched her shoes and made her daring dash, leaving the bags behind, court documents said.

    Security officials opted to worry about the risk posed by the abandoned luggage rather than chase after her, and she disappeared from the terminal, the court paperwork said.

    Her co-conspirator boarded a flight and later tried to persuade Reynolds to flee to Jamaica, authorities said.

    Instead, Reynolds staffed a flight back to New York on March 19, then failed to show up for work the next day, according to court documents.

    She was arrested March 23 after meeting with G.B. in New York and receiving a “burner phone” to communicate without government surveillance, court documents said.

    Already in the U.S. illegally and using stolen identities, G.B. boarded a flight from New York to Miami on March 23 and then fled to Jamaica, authorities said.

    A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles said he couldn’t comment on any effort to find and charge G.B., calling the case an ongoing investigation.



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