0 thoughts on “MAYWEATHER TO FIDDY……………. I RAISE YOU A MIL IF………

  1. Floyd didn’t post this. One of his friends did.. I’ll try to send the rest… No room for 50 to talk.. He can’t spell or write or use proper terms

  2. I wonder when the bullets will start flying. I guess these two forgot about the east versus west coast beef that saw two talented entertainers six feet under.
    BTW, the rumors line had it that it was 50 Cent that ordered the shoot up of Rick Ross car in Florida last year.

  3. met did you see what fiddy put up on his instramge page? tears roll from me eye, me nuh wan laugh but me buss out a big dutty one.. no sah dem a go hold fifty and give him a good beaten one a dem day yaa wish him much luck with that hospital visit

  4. See that’s exactly what I was saying. He gets defensive when anyone brings up Marquise but loves to trouble others. I will never laugh at anything 50 says when he disses black women, yet Chelsea Handler called him all sorts of name, one akin to the N word and all now nothing. If you and someone use to be friends and they end the friendship, move on. Every damn time him put him two cents inna Floyd business. Floyd and 50 both f**k up but Floyd stays outta fi 50 business. All now it’s not Floyd who posted that but Floyd’s man groupie, mi mean fren/’employee’ P Reala dwl. Mi tink it’s bout time Floyd seh something since him hab strength fi f**k wid ooman. Two assholes and which is why they always fought when they were friends.

  5. *Correction Jay Bling who is also his man groupie/employee(his DJ). But my comment for P Reala is still the same. I guess from experience according to what 50 is alluding to, P. Reala nah seh 1 wud, him fraid ah Curtis. If it wasn’t fi dat, him wudda jump in tuh. Him and Jay Bling ah di two groupies fi always jump in, especially fi shame ooman.

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