0 thoughts on “WHO KILLED IT?

  1. me no too like beyonce but me think she wear it better, who the f**k put kim in this category… kim no where killed anything.. she look like a oversize pampy weh just a lose weight..

  2. Kim looks like a garbage bag of blubber, Bee’s ass looks too heavy for that skirt and RiRi looks trim and perfect for the outfit.

  3. DAMNNNN!!! I see Met been getting most of her posting from @balleralert on ig… Not that there’s anything wrong with it, just saying

    1. What is your reason here? Because mi nuh need no check point assistant or attendant.International posts come from many international websites tmz etc. What are you saying because youre saying u just a say and all your comments here you seem to be sending for me..Dont send for me

    2. And FYI This was posted before baller alert posted their’s check my time and their’s before u try come send fi mi again ..A nuh u first second or third time.

      1. lol..prob won’t be di last Met…a wah mek u guh nyam Anon white fowl Met..u fi nuh do it again ma..rofl U just set har up st8 deh..caz it look like she want to lean pan yah

        1. but mi jus go pan di page and this pic is not even there so what is that for? Dem nuh like here but they stay coming and checking here

          1. Sorry Met, I apologize!! It wasn’t @balleralert. It was @theshaderoom. And I wasn’t coming for you boo. I see that you been posting more international post & was expecting more Jamaica post, that’s all.. I would never try to dis you cause I love your flipping site girl. I love the shit you do so don’t get me wrong. Plus I was in a troublesome mood. No shade Met, I come to your site at least 3 days a week so I would never come for you baby girl

    3. @11.36pm you yourself said you don’t see nothing wrong with it, so what is your point? are you just trying to be relevant? If so, you are an insecure person who is looking ( crying out) for attention. please crawl out of the hole you are living in, it is very dark in there, come out and see the light, then get a life. Hater!!!!

  4. RI-RI, according to Fashion Police, Ri wore it way before Bey, then Bey copied it down to di Chanel pin. A long time Bey a jack ppl style, songs e’ting

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