11 thoughts on “MEANWHILE IN CANADA

  1. I hear broke Nelly is back in Canada. Nelly we all know you never got deported from Canada you had to run up back before the 6 months true you don’t have Citizenship the scamma man in Jamaica don’t want her true him have him ooman. Steve kick her out of the house because she don’t want to work. Nelly so show off and boasy its a shock no man don’t pick her up in Canada and wife her up. Funny how you stop post naked picks that’s just to show you never respect your husband the way she claim she hot. She is so broke have to go stay at Dagga house how does it feel now Nelly you have no hype you broke down. Guess you will have to go back to Jamaica soon

  2. That statue was unveiled last year in Kitchener, Ontario. The creator said it’s a bunch of monkeys dropping down to a gorilla who is holding a banana phone. He also says it’s a nod to Waterloo region and says it is the tech hub of Canada.

    At night the banana lights up to appear as though it is charging 😂⚡️🍌

    I think the banana is just a play on the apple logo…and because monkeys are known to eat bananas

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