Three nights ago the military shut down central cross roads into the wee hours of the morning.I got a call that mi fren barbershop get shot up so about 1:30am mi find myself up there.To date there are 2 versions of the story as to how a lance corporal,an unknown man were killed and a taxi man injured.

The first version being banded about pertains to allegations that the army man was in the barbershop on half way tree road just across from the cross roads market.They are alleging the soldier was busy chatting up another man when his gay lover approached and in a fit of rage lunged at him with a knife.The soldier managed to squeeze off couple shots and rush to evade his attacker.

However unbeknownst to him the gay dude had 2 armed accomplices who pumped 3 shots in the soldier and made good their escape.In the cross fire a taxi man was shot.The gay knife guy stumbled downstairs,angry patrons at a club upstairs came down and put a beat down on the dude,they even dropped several big stones in his head.

The next version is that 3 men were on a robbing spree and having robbed 2 places coming from downtown,they made their way to the cross roads barbershop.One of the robbers stabbed at the soldier to which the soldier popped off couple rounds.The two accomplices promptly entered and pumped shots in the soldier killing him and taking his gun.

They were challenged downstairs by a licensed firearm holder who shot one.In no time a mob descended and stoned the robber to death,however two escaped.The news will most likely give their version of events but for now this is what the streets are alleging.

4 thoughts on “MURDER WRANGLINGS

  1. My man trims at that barbershop and there was a robbery taking place the soldier just got his gun that same day he shot one of the gunman not knowing that it was three of them there doing the robbery. It is so sad that someone lost his life trying to protect himself and ppl choose to start spread propaganda pon the dead man. Sad!!!!

  2. ISpy is same so it go, mi get from good source, heard one of the robbers was dressed like a woman that’s why soljie thought t it was two robbers alone. RIp soljie, glad di people dem beat and di kill the next robber. Dont want to work but waan tek whe peple work hard for. Soljie was not chatting up no gay guy woman is one of di robbers dress like woman fi fool people. Ole shithouse dem.

  3. Heard one of the robbers worked at the Juicy Patties and they had intended to rob Juicy but ended up robbing the Barber Shop. Gay lover story is crap!

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