Dis is one dutty bad mind gal, chat all a har fren dem, no loyalty not even to har man. As a matter of fact him did ketch har wid man an still go married har, a now she gwaan bun him!! She treat har two pickney dem like shit, only di last one she love, she just left outta jail Fi bun up har Likkle son wid hot spoon, dis gal wicked bad. She bad mind di whola har fren dem!! Anytime anything a gwaan Fi nuhbody she chat dem an tear dem dung. She hype nuh raass a nuh have Nutten Fi hype pon. Since she get visa, not even di mumma she nuh memba, bleach out an buss up like dog. That’s why di man can chat har Suh, him confide inna nuff people bout har. She think nuhbody nuh know har deeds, but wait gal, Yuh time soon come, gwaan hype up Yuh stinking bleach out self.

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