1. Thank God for plastic surgery no man gal body was a hot mess….

    Well needed makeover!! Take care of that new body hun! That NEW body is banging…

  2. buoy unuh wicked, that’s not the same person. Don’t you see the tattoo is on the other side in the before picture? smh …fraid a unuh bad!!

  3. The person that sent this in is DIABOLICAL!!! You really need to take a long hard look within yourself and determine why you feel it necessary to body shame another woman. Perhaps you-sender get a boost to your non-existent self-esteem and find pleasure in tearing down other woman, are in need of a full body lift and/or a psychiatric evaluation. Whether or not this is her in the pic, she looks great! While I do not know this lady I can see on her IG she has a few kids, pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body. More importantly she works for her money and is seemingly unbothered by you dry mouth skets.

    1. Are you stupid, dumb or are you just a fool? That picture was already posted elsewhere, so what if it is sent in? Idiot, go away and stop making this into something that it is not.

    2. She brave nuh bitch! Cause that ig page seem ghetto af! And calm down, these are the same people who walk out cause them know them body good lmao! Oversharing will be the death of them cause she did not have to approve those pics being posted

  4. She still need a muscle repair her belly still high at the front!! Cg cosmetic don’t do good surgery they. Cheap and botched

  5. Well hopefully her husband will appreciate her as much as he dotes over still slick on ig n you know who else.

  6. Isn’t this something on CGCosmetic Instagram page? why you cursing the person who sent it in, its already public why you mad? Anyway my real question is wth is 32th? All along I thought it was 32nd

  7. First of excuse me while I put in my thinking cap

    Don’t people do surgery to fix themselves? So what is the shame here. Many of us including YOU sender don’t like something about your body. So to come say Kizzy stay bad and really needed surgery what is your point?

    We are women and pickney MASH us all up. Pickney drop down breast, give you stretch marks, leave black marks on you, the damn C section cut bulge name it. Again what is your point! Don’t let the hate get the best of you sender. Pray pray pray ask God to clean out your heart. #teamkizzy #teamcleanheart #teamsurgery

  8. Kizzy mi glad fi yu cause da big nayble deh have mi a rock suh anna dip suh and is not me a lay dung pon it. Nayble have mi sea sick!!

  9. Anon 12:09, you are a bitter skunk. Her new body Compared to before, the surgeon did an excellent job!
    Black people can never satisfy.

    Kizzy as long as you feel better about yourself do NOT let any one tell you different, YOU LOOK GOOD PERIODTT!

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