Pinky me have it fully, but hide me ID MiniOprah did a f***k Julius ten star   And now Desha Ravers and she deh..
She did deh a Jamaica a hide the whole time with Desha ,   Unnu no see a Desha have her BMW..   
Do the maths     


  1. Minioprah a dog shit thatโ€™s why footha nyam out her money,and run her like the low life dog she is!! Imagine she use to f@ck Beenie man back in the days now she come a tek him daughter!! This big old hard back woman could be Desha mother!!! Desha yu mouth soon rotten off like Cher own!!

    1. She is a big time whore fuck off all the young boys and give them money donโ€™t have nothing for herself she is a broke bitch on a 9 to 5 living a life she cannot maintain she is a lesbian from day one foota just wanted her money

  2. Desha licky licky thatโ€™s why she a suck out sadamite minioprah ole!!! Desha you can do better that minioprah,that gal about 55 years old. She and Cher and Renee use to deh!!

  3. Okay and what’s the problem poster, maybe you need to go get some asset and maybe a man will treat you good too . Dam fast

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