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“New Name Fi Informer Mr. Palmer”

New Name Fi Informa Ah Mr Palmer
Grudge Me Fi [x5] So Mi Sing Dah Pslams Yah
Strap Wid Mi Hamma Clip Longer Dan Banana
Bwoy Come Pass Di Corna. Gunshot Ring Inna Yu Ears Like Llaama

Everybody Ask Wha Cause Di Vex Vibe
Me On Busy Rise On Buy Two X5
Badmind – And Some Bwoy Too Canive
5 Song Mi Do True Him A Try Tek Mi Hype
Mi Nuh Have Nuh Time Fi War Wid Him
Roach – Ketch Him A Bow On Stap Par Wid Him
A Nuh Cut Up On Scar Wid Him
Cassava Peice Well A Body Pon Tar Fi Him

Di Bwoy Too Caniving
Him Go Check Singer Blinger All Singer Blinger Hide Him
Di Whole Portmore Avoid Him
From Him Par Wid Di Fish Dat Mean One A Ride Him
A Killer Tell Mi Nuh Shot Him
But A Same Way Di Bwoy Did Badmind Assassin
Spragga Benz Nearly Gas Him
Di Bwoy Bleach On Bleach On Look Frassin

Badness Him Nuh Worthy Fah
Seh Him Bath On And Up Shorty Furniture
A Wha Tek Dah Helped Alien Skermich Yah
Di Head Bake Fifty Calibre Searching Fah

Chat Him A Chat
Run Leff Portmore. Tru A Yap Him A Yap
Mummy Wipe Up Blood Wid Mop Inna Mop
A Me Di Devil Reject Mi Put Chop Inna Chop

Adijah Di Teacher Bleach Out Like Latisha
Gun Rise Like Di Ifle Sen On Bwoy Deepa By
Meanwhile Me A Rise Career Dem Career Get Cheaper
Gun Rise Like Sunrise Mi Name Di Time Keeper

Start War And Go Give You F**King Life Up
Dead Wid Di S**K C**Ky Gal Weh Yu A Wife Up
Call Mi Name Just Fi Fame And Stripe Up
Inna Di School Bus Dem Seh Pu**Y Him A Bite Up
But Mi Strap With Di K With Di Lite Up
Coppa In A Face Fi A Bowy Weh A Brite Up
A Same Way One Bredda Di A Hype Up
Bullet Inna Gun Buss Him Tripe Up

Along Time Mi Nuh Trust Him
If A Killing Busy Mek Wi Go Fuss Him
Killer Low Mek Mi Crush Him
Mi A Real Bad Man Mi Nuh Too Join Di Cussing
Well A Straight Gun Bussing, Blood Crushing, Fi Di Doctor Dem Rush Him
Before Doctor Fish Touch Him, Guns Out Right Away Trace Cass Rush Him

Di Same Witch Inna Di Kitchen
A Season Up Di Same Oxtail And Chicken
A Muss Dat Dem Use Trick Him
Mek Him Sell Out Di Don True Him Damn Belly Licking
Mek Di Dawg Dem Bit Him
Caah Di Gun Weh Di Bowy Demus It Sticking
Watch Di Bowy Guh Fi Slicken
When Flex Rise Up Di Eagle Con-Evil And Pick Hi

New Name Fi Informa Ah Mr Palmer
Grudge Me Fi [x5] So Mi Sing Dah Pslams Yah
Strap Wid Mi Hamma Clip Longer Dan Banana
Bwoy Come Pass Di Corna. Gunshot Ring Inna Yu Ears Like Llaama


  1. Morning Metty, and all the beautiful people, happy Monday! Okay, Vado know bout the tings them long time, all the dog bite and everything, dem fi stop play Hippocrates the entertainers them well know weh the demon chile did a do and all a them keep it pan hush, Anytime I ever hear anymore a them come talk bout system a gi demon boy a fight mi a guh empty them like when water a pour out a bakkle. is better them shout them out like most of them a do already, yuh never see smoke without fire, that’s every body did a hold them cornas and never did support him. You twins of twins uno better shut fi uno mouth now.

  2. Met and no mr palmer alone get done in a this song here,mi just read the whole ting and all the doctor fish and the same witch ina di kitchen a season up the oxtail and the chicken,,,,,,if i laugh.

    1. _____________________________________________________________ deadments mek a go read because i hear she did a sleep wid kartel fi true

  3. Di song nice. It good say Kartel get life and everybody ah tawk di tings dem now. All a use up laas name wid a Mr. before it. If all a dis did a gwaan and nobody neva waan…ah mean…couldn’t speak up because Kartel ah bad man (and 20 pounds soaking wet), mi not even know. The whole thing is just suspeck. Guess it was sink or swim, and di worle will see. This is just the beginning.

  4. so angel did a tek kartel and beenie same time or she did a tek kartel from him and bounty did a par? she good mi nah loi

  5. Met all the singers and Dj know them one another busniess ,if we did only listen keenly to the words in the song them we would know every ting that is happening.

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