Mout-amassi Liza, yuh no
Hear yuh mumma dah call yuh?
Meck yuh mout so galang plang?
Hear yuh mumma duh call yuh!
Yuh mout so fly, yuh mils tell lie.
So member seh me dah warn yuh:
Liza, kibba yuh mout!
De way people wash dem mout pon yuh
Yuh naw go strive, missis;
Far everywhe yuh tun yuh hear
Seh Liza do dat an dis.
Yuh hear dat Liza chat to much,
Yuh hear dat Liza seh,
Yuh hear seh dat is Liza meck
Mass Tom black puss run weh.
Liza, kibba yuh mout!
Yuh meck Miss Hattie husban put
Har sinting outa door,
Yuh meck Sam do fi purpose
An hat up Jem sore toe.
Yuh can gwan chat, but doan figat
Yuh gwine reap what yuh sow.
Liza, kibba yuh mout!
Counta yuh, Dan set him grampa
Duppy pon Sta Rose,
An counta yuh Jane teck grudgeful.
An pwile up Fan new clothes;
De way yuh chat yuh meck Jinat
Go obeah Laura nose.
Liza, kibba yuh mout!
Yuh meck dem lock up Tayma fi
So sen her bwoy a school;
Yuh meck dem lock up Geral,
an It tun him mumma fool!
Yuh meck dem bring up Dora, seh
She overwork her mule.
Liza, kibba yuh mout!
Dem mussa put yuh so, missis –
Is weh yuh dah go do?
From me bawn me never see
Nobody chat lacka yuh.
Me hear Miss Della she dah swear
Fi tun yuh mout backa yuh.

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