1. dem talk up all di tings bout him badminism …sexuality whole heep a tings dem talk people neva a pay attention

        1. It warms my heart that these men just talk di tings and nuh ramp! Afta dem have self respect! Is only the low esteemed and eggs up people that Kartel could intimidate.
          Also these men never allowed their “want” for fame to become a “lust”. They are self vigilant so obviously want to deal with right minded people who give people a fair scratch fi dem fair work.
          Music is for everybody!

  1. Country ppl have a different code…dem loyall…but dem dont worship ppl …a wanda a wah mek him gi poppi everyting

  2. Country people know bout trials and tribulations, suh nuhbody cyaah come style them up nor put them thru weh dem nuh already guh thru. Country people ano nuh weak fence..Metty, was Kartel into men as well?

  3. Kartel guh round and pick out who have influence inna dem community(mostly bad influence)and team up wid dem.Dat is why suh much dunce seh Gaza for life.

  4. Hi Met, and u know me did a seh me woulda like u put up back the Corey Todd interview. Never remember bout Merital interview till me see u put it up again.

  5. From them team up with Kartel me and my friends dem said it nah go end well. They were in the music industry before Kartel so shoulda forsee him demonic ways and disgusting behaviour. Everyting fi a reason though. Big up Merital. Oh and mi see the Rhyno song you put up Met, mi lose offa da likkle eediat deh. Words fail me. No ratings!!!

    1. That was posted along with the entire port of entry/detention report. We still ago have positive things fi sey bout this lot.

  6. Meritol, Unnuh jus buss agen. Kno dat hypocrites deh a Mobay n Town. Keep unuuh sed focus n anything unnuh believe must b achieved.

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