Hi Met,

This is Stacy who tek back Shortman aka Morrace from Birmingham.
Stacy you is real man clown you think having 2 kids for oneil would a hold him.
Stop gwan like you a somebody, everyday ya dropping shades pon ppl.
Morrace right to f*** and duck you.


9 thoughts on “MRS STUD 100

  1. she a she har milk shake bring shortman to har yard. wonder if him haffi use a stool fi get to her milkshakes?

  2. Sender u sound jealous if stacy wah tek bk har man so wat. I bet u dnt ave a man neither have a man u can tek bk. Leave ppl business alone . Shortman want up stacy abayyy.

  3. Ah birmi nasty gal dem sen in dis.. den den, bad Indian and deh crew.. who use to give short man deh 3some dem. Leave the girl alone.

  4. stop call tash name.. Stacy a u send in d story because u want people to kno shortman a f**k u back
    U lot a argue bout shortman him still not owing none of u lot…

  5. Everybody kno shorty tie shortman.. Thats y shortman caan lef her… Stacey stop put up story fi hurt up shorty head

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