Sex worker accused of stabbing woman, stealing handbag
Covering the courts
with Tanesha Mundle
Sunday, September 21, 2014
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A sex worker faced the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court last week after she reportedly stabbed a woman in her breast after telling the victim about the size of
her vagina.
Angella Wright, 23, is also accused of attempting to steal the woman’s handbag, valued at $2,000.
The police reported that around midnight on May 21, the complainant was passing Haining Road in New Kingston when the accused saw her and shouted out “B… h… Queeny”.
The woman replied to the insult, which lead to an exchange between the two.
Further reports said that during the argument the complainant told the accused: “The time yuh deh yah a sell you body you would a go take care a you children.”
Wright then told the complainant to leave her children out of the argument.
The accused then reportedly pulled a knife from her bag and stabbed the complainant in her left breast.
The court heard that she then held onto the complainant’s bag and tried to pull it from her but the complainant would not let go.
A man who was reportedly with the accused then ran off and was followed by Wright who also fled on foot, the police report said.
The complainant reported the matter and Wright was subsequently arrested and charged with unlawful wounding and attempted robbery.
When the matter was mentioned on Thursday, Senior Resident Magistrate Judith questioned the accused about her place of work.
“On the road”, she replied.
When she was further pressed by RM Pusey, Wright added: “Is sex work de two a we do.”
However, that was quickly and strongly denied by the complainant.
“No, no ma’am, I am a cosmetologist,” the complainant declared.
The court was told that the medical report was outstanding and the case was as a result rescheduled for mention on September 26.
Jealous husband sets house on fire
A farmer who burnt down his house after accusing his wife of cheating was also brought before the court
on Friday.
Charged with arson is Shawn Tucker, 48, of Bloxburg district, St Thomas.
Tucker is accused of setting fire to a bed at his home which destroyed the entire one-room dwelling that he shared with his wife of 17 years.
The fire occurred on June 23 about 9:20 pm.
The woman claimed that around 8:00 pm she returned home after spending a few days with her sister in Mandeville, Manchester where she had gone to recuperate from an illness.
The complainant said that on entering the house, her husband who was watching television said to her:
“Come out a me house and go back a yuh man yard whey yu a come from.”
The complainant said she told him that she went to stay with her sister, as she was sick.
“Yuh nuh hear me say fi come out a mi house,” she said her husband replied.
“I am not leaving, a de two a we build it,” the complainant told the police in the station report.
The complainant said that her husband then took up some of her belongings, such as DVDs, clothing and her refrigerator and flung them out of the house.
She said he then took up some of her clothes along with some paper, put them on top of the bed, set them on fire and started to chop out the windows with a machete.
The complainant said that she ran out of the house after her husband told her that he was going for his gun to kill her.
Firefighters were summoned but were not able to save the dwelling.
The matter was subsequently reported and Tucker was arrested and charged.
When cautioned he reportedly told the police: “Offica, no me bun dung no house, a di woman sister dem bun dung de house and fling stone after me.”
On Friday when the case was mentioned, the court was informed that the fire report was outstanding. As a result the matter was set back for mention on October 23.
Woman uses friend’s identity to get fake passport
A St James woman and her friend faced the court on fraud charges after one used the other’s identity to take out a passport which she renewed three times and travelled on several occasions.
Rosalee Lee, 35, sales representative of Granville, and Nkrumha Stanbury of Milk Lane in Kingston were arrested and charged in August with conspiracy to defraud after an immigration officer discovered the scam.
Lee was also charged with three counts of obtaining goods by false means and three counts of uttering.
Lee was held with the fraudulent passport on August 13, after she landed in the island on a flight from Grand Cayman.
Immigration officers had put out a watch on her passport after Stanbury went to apply for a passport in July and it was detected that someone had already obtained a passport in that name.
However, Lee told the police that Stanbury had given her permission to use her name, which was confirmed by Stanbury when she was held.
On Friday when the women appeared in court for sentencing after they were remanded on Wednesday, Lee’s lawyer, Charles Williams, begged for leniency.
“She has had an unblemished record so far and there is hope for her to do better,” he said.
However, RM Pusey told the lawyer that it was Lee who was in big trouble.
“Miss Lee have a huge problem but make me gi her a little discount and the reason why I’m giving her this discount is because she plead guilty,” RM Pusey said.
Both women were then ordered to pay $100, 000 or serve six months for conspiracy to defraud.
Lee was also ordered to pay $20,000 or serve six months each on the three counts of obtaining goods by false means and $15,000 or six months for uttering forged documents.
“And she must consider herself extraordinarily lucky and understand that these actions are criminal and is not aesthetic,” the magistrate said after handing down the sentences.
Ganja dealer gets 3 months for selling ‘weed’ to cop
A ‘known’ ganja dealer who police have been trying to nab for years was sentenced to three months in prison when he appeared in court on Friday after he sold five sticks of ganja to an undercover policeman whom he thought was a tourist.
The 52-year-old dealer, Alvin Douglas, of no fixed address, approached the policeman while he was walking along Knutstford Boulevard in New Kingston, on September 16 about 10:20 pm.
Reports are that Douglas stopped the lawman and asked him if he was from the United States and was told yes. He then proceeded to ask the undercover policeman if he wanted some weed.
The policeman told Douglas that he was willing to buy the ‘weed’ but that he had no money on him. As a result, Douglas directed the policeman to an automated teller machine from which he was handed $1,000.
He then left on his bicycle and returned with the ganja, which he gave to the policeman who then surprised him with his police identification card.
Douglas, who was busted near the New Kingston Police Post, was then instructed to walk over to the station and to leave his bicycle in the storage room, but instead hopped on his bicycle and tried to escape but was held by the alert cop.
However, on Friday when he appeared in court he denied the allegations claiming that it was the policeman who sent him for the ‘weed’.
“I am no dealer. I am a tourist guide and is the man send me go buy weed for him,” said Douglas.
“Where in Jamaica you work?” RM Pusey asked
“The whole a Jamaica, I am a sightseeing guide,” he answered.
He was then asked which company he worked with and he replied: “JTB (Jamaica Tourist Board).”
Douglas also denied that he was trying to escape police custody.
According to him, he was following the policeman’s instructions and was going to park the bicycle when he was held and accused of trying to run off.
However, the magistrate told him that he could not deny the fact that he had five sticks of ganja and told him that she was going to send him away for it.
“You a joker but this not a joke place and I tell you already this not the comedy bus,” RM Pusey told him before handing down sentences of three months for possession of ganja and 30 days for escaping police custody.
The sentences are to run concurrently.


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