1. low life loser. u people are nasty and disgusting. ur life is worthless. the police soon round all a unu up and put behind bars.

          1. I’m talking to u u piece of dog shit drug dealing thieving animal. get a life and a real job. CRIMINAL!! u give all black people a bad name. u filthy pig shit nigger.

    1. a girl like look like i could trample ATL
      these people look dusty as hell
      nuh hottaz nuh deh a atlanta ?????????

  1. Mi know Sheri see dah plate a food deh wid di jerk chicken and want di deets of di man aready.
    Interesting set of attendees.

  2. Wtf!!! Sean Priceless bitches got you like that now!!! I’ve been gone for a minute from the scene but damn!! I hope that’s ya bitch n not some random thot bitch!! Not a good look my friend.Not a good look!!

    1. that girl always does the most. i don’t mess with her cause she comes off as fake. my spirit just don’t take to her no siree.

  3. @ANONYMOUS Bitch you dont have no spirit!! You Red eye devil!! #satan hood musty rat!! You mad because she Cute!! take a good look!! :kimpoi You don’t come on the seen Because your a run down broke piece of crap!! byatchhhhhhhhhhh! Byatch I kno who you are… You big curly mop head bitch!! #DWLL You talk about everybody!! DAMN WHY DON YOU STFU..
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    You talk down about people behind their back can’t bold enough to say it to the person’s face,but newsflash if you don’t live in a glass house you have no room or reasoning to talk or say shit about anyone else.Keep it 100% or keep it moving 2014 is almost over and all the fake friends need to GET THE HELL ON before 2015.. #muddduck :hammer

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