My lack of knowledge is costing me
For the past weeks I have been teaching extensively on generational curses. I must say, I have been extremely disappointed in the amount of leaders that neglect and avoid this topic, that so happens to be the root cause of spiritual bondage for so many. It is this spiritual implementation that you cannot see that is the source of the unexplained chaos that you can see.
My passion has been as a result of the link that I have discovered between current stubborn problems and the very same problems experienced by our ancestors. What I have also discovered is that the information that links the two has been intentionally withheld or hidden in an effort to prevent this vicious cycle from being broken by the current generation and generations to come.
With the above understanding in mind. “My people perishing due to a lack of knowledge” became a scripture of passion and absolute truth for me. It is this lack of information concerning your family or the family of your friend, spouse, or whoever that have you puzzled as to why they behave the way they do or experience such ongoing relentless drama.
A generational curse is like a computer software program implemented into a family that will program just about all members of that family to perform a certain way. For example, I know of men that have extra marital affairs. However my investigation of that family has revealed, his father did it, the grandfather did it and it goes on and on. My third discovery lead me to the understanding that THERE IS ALWAYS A BEGINNING OR A ROOT TO EVERY GENERATIONAL CURSE AND IT IS THE KNOWLEDGE OF THIS ROOT LIKE I SAID EARLIER THAT IS KEPT A SECRET INTENTIONALLY.
Therefore, the power of a generational curse is fueled by the ignorance of that family not knowing that there is a curse. Now, here is where it becomes interesting. If your friend, spouse, significant other or even yourself have hailed from a family plagued with generational curse such as: mentally challenges, sexual perversion such as incest, pornography etc, adultery, controlling and dominating behaviors etc. Then let me tell you right now, if that person or yourself have not recognized and break these negative cycles, then you are in for a repeat of what your ancestors experienced . Why is this you may ask? Simply because there are familiar spirits assigned to these families to enforce the generational curses that were established years ago that no one in the family has yet to recognize and challenge. Familiar spirits are spirits that are very much familiar with your family history, especially the negative parts of your family history.
These Familiar spirits have a spiritual legal right to that family due to the iniquity that is embedded into that family bloodline, and as a result they will fight tooth and nail to sustain and maintain that curse. Iniquity, is sin that is repeated with out remorse, confession or repentance. Now I mentioned that it was the iniquity of the family that not only will sustain the curse but at the same time its existence in that family. The is so because scripture says, it is the iniquity of the fathers (generations pass) that God will visit upon the third and fourth generation, Exodus 20:5 ans Exodus 34:7, sounds like a generational curse to me.
I want to say to someone today, please, do not fool yourself into believing that you can change something that you dislike in your mate, partner or whoever, particularly if you see a pattern of that behavior in their family. More than likely you’re dealing with a generational curse that was created many years ago and as a result it has garnered strength throughout the years.
Many folks have ignorantly marry folks that are plagued with a family history of generational curses and as a result of their union they have literally signed on to the negative cycles of defeat, oppression, adultery, deceit etc. The more these curses are either ignored or go unrecognized the stronger the curse becomes, this is why if a family is plagues with a generational curse of Cancer, then each generation will produce an even more aggressive form of Cancer giving the victim an even more shorter lifespan than their ancestors who suffered from the same disease.
Scripture reminds us that we are not fighting or being engaged to battle with flesh and blood (Human beings), instead our adversaries are invisible agents of Satan taking advantage of their victims ignorance in an effort to enforce these curses, Ephesians 6:12. This same passage of scripture reveals Satan’s third rank of evil spirits which is known as the power of darkness. The word darkness in this passage of scripture literally means ignorance. So, there are ruling spirits monitoring families all in an effort in KEEPING THE MEMBERS OF THAT FAMILY IGNORANT OF WHAT’S OPPRESSING THEM AND CAUSING THEM NOT TO ADVANCE OR MAKE PROGRESS, OR TO REPEAT THE SAME NEGATIVE CYCLES OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
I will conclude by suggesting that the day you discover the history of your family it will also be the day you begin the unfolding of the mystery of your family repetitious problems…….BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY TO YOU, THAT SATAN’S GRIP ON THE WORLD IS ADMINISTERED AND MANIFESTED THROUGH GENERATIONAL CURSES…………….
Written by: Minister Kevin L A Ewing


  1. well, once u realize this how do u fight it..what are the tools needed in putting ur life on tract

    1. @Benign, good question! Fighting such evil will always begin with discovering the root of what’s being manifested in that person of family’s life particularly the consistent negativity. Make no mistake my friend the root will always be spiritual. It is the ignorance of this spiritual source that gives Satan and his agents the upper hand over the oppressed person/family.
      Secondly, in order to break a generational curse there are three things that are mandatory and they are:
      1) The word of God
      2) Prayer and
      3) Fasting.
      The application or implement of the above points must begin with identifying the spiritual root, for example is it a generational curse of lust, division, adultery, sexual perversion setback etc. Once this has been discovered, we must search the bible for scriptures that are relevant in regards to speaking against the discovered curse. For example let’s say its a curse of poverty. Well, we will use scriptures such as, “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread” Psalm 37:25, “And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath” Deut. 28:13, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” Philp. 4:19. These are a few of many scriptures that we can use against the cures or generational curse of poverty.
      Now, during the course of our prayers, it is mandatory that we include as much relevant scriptures as possible in fighting these spirits. As a reminder generational curses are familiar spirits that are deeply rooted in a family bloodline. With that in mind, scripture tells us that the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart, Hebrews 4:12. Simply put, God’s word or the scriptures are indeed our spiritual weapons. Let me remind you you can not fight spirits with stones, bullets, rocks or anything material. Spirits are challenged by things of the spirit. in this case the word of God!
      Finally, the most potent additive to praying the word of God is fasting! Fasting in the spirit realm provides one with additional power to address higher ranking evil spirits which are known as ruling spirits or principalities. Just to give a quick understanding of this, In the book of Matthew 17, There was a man whose son was possessed by demonic forces, long story short the disciples failed to heal the man’s son and eventually Jesus healed the boy. The disciples asked Jesus why were they not able to heal the boy Jesus specifically told his disciples, “This “KIND” will only come out via prayer and fasting” Matthew 17:21.
      So in a nut shell, this scripture is clearly stating that there are demonic forces that prayer alone will not be sufficient, instead fasting must be added to one’s prayer to defeat this specific order. Scripture goes on to tell us that a fast does the following:
      “to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke” Isaiah 58:6…
      I know this was lengthy but I hope this was a help.

  2. Good Morning Metty & JMG fambily. Praise God for the Word! Let the glory of the King of kings and the Lord of lords shine upon us. Let the church say Amen.

  3. Friends I can not emphasize enough that the key to any oppression in our lives will always be as a result of what we are not aware of. The bible tells us that it is a LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, that is causing bondage and destruction for us, Isaiah 5:13 and Hosea 4:6.
    Please take not, scripture did not say it was sin that was the root of our destruction or bondage to whatever……. A lack of knowledge will always be the protocol by the enemy to secure destruction, addiction, bondage, captive and the like over us.
    Therefore if a lack of knowledge will secure life then certainly an increase of knowledge will preserve and protect life……….
    Contrary to popular belief, knowledge is not power, instead the application of knowledge will produce power!

    1. Minister Ewing I want to thank you very much you gave me a scripture the other day which about three years ago the voice of God lead me to this scripture as I have never read the book of Isiah n would not think to read it but I was lead to this scripture when I really needed a word from God, I felt like I was in a constant battle in almost every area of my life and I read it and was let’s say I was revived as I had gone dead spiritually somewhat , so can you imagine my shock when I turned my bible to the same scripture when u pointed me to it lol God bless you and thank you very much.

      1. I Chuety I seem to be in a constant battle myself, would u be willing to share that scripture with me as well, as I keep seeking that a source of empowerment but my search continues. Maybe this would provide me with some form of inspiration and help me to heal my brokenness.

        1. Onedrop my dear I hope this helps like it did for me Isaiah 54 he referenced verse 17 but read the whole thing. Blessings

        2. Will share with you one I used the other day but I will encourage u to fast I feel as your father said it is a generational thing from your mother’s side but u need to know the root so you can kill it

        3. Thanks a million Chuety much appreciated. Blessings and Prosperity always! @ Metty I will most certainly appreciate that too. I need to know the correct way of fasting, as I have never done this before, is there a procedure or guideline to follow? so that it can be done properly or I just do not consume anything only water for a specific time. What is the correct way to fast?

          1. One is mark 10 vs 9 and the other is in chapter 19. U have different types of fasting it is usually giving up something u usually do but mostly food

          2. Thanks for the scriptures Metty. More information plz Metty, so how long do I go without it???? Give me a timeline plz…

          3. That u have to ask pastor Ewing, I suspect your family has been inflicted with a spiritual husband so u need to put it asunder because God never approved of it

          4. I dont mean to be reading with disbelief, but is there such a thing??? I have tested and proven what said on here to be true and factual, but all along I think my father had harboured ill feelings and resented my mother’s side of the family and thought that d man was bunkers, lol, when there might be some truth to his story and on d right track. Is an unseen force really plaguing us??? Who summoned this, why me, why us???? Well mi sorry but by the love us Jesus, no force shall hold me captive. I vow to break this curse. Whoever or whatever this negative cycle may be, or their chain of captive will not oppress or have any stronghold on my children or their children children. Lose me in the name of Jesus!!!!!!

  4. Blessed afternoon everyone, and nice having u with us once more Minister Ewing. My father was the first one I heard spoke of this years ago when I was a child. I never thought there was any truth to his story although he is a man of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, who had many experiences, and taught me many life lessons. He also stressed the importance of breaking family traditions (curses) to my sister and I, and told us of this family, in which the father ill-treated and abused his son, and when he was old and time for his son to care for him, the son in turn put his father who abused him as a child in the dog kennel and fed him from a dog plate, this vicious cycle of abuse continued for generation, until d 4th generation, 1 of d son who was abused by his father decided that he would break d vicious cycle and although his father had abused him as a child he would still cared for him, and that he did, he threw away the dog plate, thereby ending that cycle.
    He also spoke of this other tale where a son was carrying his father and rested him on a stone due to weariness and left him there, this cycle continued for generations to come, and was only broken by a father who asked his son not to rest him on that same stone, the son decided that he would do as his father requested and although he was weary and tired he carried his father until he reached his destination. At the time I never understood the importance of his stories, until he told me that the women in my family on the maternal side were known to make questionable choices when it comes on to choosing a mate, as they were known to choose men of lower calibre than themselves. I for 1 never believed in such thing and always rubbished such claims, but Based on their (our) track record I might need to consider this, as I am now led to believe that maybe just maybe my family is a victim of this generational curse which u speak of. There is also this yard which has been in my family for generations, which there is no shortage of quarrel and animosity there, and I mean Sunday to sunday, lol. But seriously speaking I am beginning to wonder if there is a curse or something set at that place which causes a spirit of contention. This post about generation curse has made me start to wonder if there is any truth in what my father said about my mother’s side of the family??? Am I or my family the victim(s) of a generation curse??? And if so, how do I break this unfortunate situation which has befallen us, by no fault of ours????

  5. Good afternoon Minister Ewing, I am very grateful for the forum, and for your knowledge and your dedication to pass this on to us, I heard you speak about sexual dreams, the other day it happen to me, and just like you said, it was a very sweet encounter, but little did I know it was demonic, because as a result from that experience, my period has gone hey wire, lots of spotting and I realized that all this started just 2 weeks ago since I had this dream. I know that these thing are spiritual wickedness in the high places like you said.

  6. I have since started to pray and rebuke what ever it is that touched my body, Minister I am kindly asking you to please pray for me about this situation, as I am not feeling comfortable about this. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Sketel bam ,
      The encounter you had I can assure you it was entirely demonic…… You must understand how these things work before you can launch a successful attack against them in order to rid them out of your life.
      In order for a spirit to manifest physical evil in your life he must acquire the co-operation of his victim. Now, this co-operation is for the most part subtle and covert. Secondly, their manipulation will always be based on our pleasures, desires etc. In any event whatever they decide to use it is always to form a covenant with the victim because it is the only way their plans can be hatched in the natural.
      With the above said, sexual intercourse represents covenant or agreement, you unknowingly agreed with this evil spirit to interrupt your physical. Now because your period was out of whack as a result of this encounter, it tells me that you are dealing with a spirit of infirmity. So now that we know the root of your cause like I have mentioned so many times will always be spiritual, you must wage spiritual war against the spirit of infirmity. Please, read Luke 13, which speaks about a lady that was unable to stand straight for 18 years.
      However, Jesus recognized that this lady had a spirit of infirmity. Scripture said that he prayed and rebuked the spirit of infirmity. So as you can see we are not to attack people, places and things that come up, instead we must identify the spirit behind that person, place or thing and attack it with prayer.
      Anyway back to the lady with the spirit of infirmity, the scripture clearly says to us that this lady who was physically bent over and could not stand straight was bound by SATAN FOR 18 YEARS….Could you imagine, this lady attended this church for 18 years and no spiritual leader of that church recognized this wicked spirit on this lady? Even worse, this spirit consumed 18 years of her life.
      Question! What has been plaguing your life for 5, 10, 15, 20 years, that if the spiritual root were to be discovered you could have it removed via prayer and fasting? Again, this is another case of where a lack of knowledge has secure bondage over someone……
      My advice to you is to go on a 3 day fast, firstly breaking and renouncing the covenant that was created between you in this spirit of infirmity via the sexual encounter. If you are not one that fast regularly, then I would suggest you fast from 6am-6pm per day for the 3 days if you provide me with your email address I will send you prayers that you can use for the fast.

  7. Thank you so very much Minister Ewing, for reaching out to me, God knows I needed this help, and he has provide, like he always does, such an a awesome God, I truly believe that you are on a spiritual assignment by THE HOLY SPIRIT OF THE ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD, I will over come this present condition, this too shall pass, because I know whose report I believe, I will take your advice and follow your instructions to the T. Please Met, could you kindly pass on my email to the minister for me. Thanks to you Met for doing this, for only God knows my hearts cry.

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