1. mi nah lie….naomi is aging quite well…..tracey mi love yu and all dat but if mi and yuh a walk and mi see naomi cross di road mi ago run leff yuh …..mi ago come back still….but when yuh see mi tek off dont bex….lmao

  2. Naomi, mi like how u getting back in touch wid u roots wid d afro wig. I hope u using some black castor oil unda it fi try grow back u peel out edges.

    Lupita mek u lef di long strait weaves fi something more like wi natural hair

      1. No Metty mi nuh bad, she was just too unkind to the other black models, so much people caan a tell lie

        *Bad Gyal Smooches*

          1. Met, there was enough room for several black supermodels, why she thought she was entitled to it all?

          2. I dont think it was like that all the way..many may have felt inferior to her, the modelling industry nuh set up where a person can control it so it had to be on them too

  3. naomi campbell is one of a kind…before her most black models were of the light skinned variety…tyra banks only had her career because she was lighter skinned version of naomi………..tyson beckford because he had the blackinese mode had his career also….cant recall another dark skinned male supermodel before or after him…………so while she may have been a bitch and completely dominated other black models regardless of the drama she is still a trailblazer……

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