0 thoughts on “NATA AN DI FABRIC

  1. its not that serious the sender is watching this girl too hard all find pics from IG it say an 2013?? That’s too much energy. The girl don’t look so good or bad but she really a give the sender a headache for some reason.

  2. Everybody cah slim still enuh, at least she do something about her belly. Mi nuh see the story. I have seen slim people looking wayyy worst on here, even right now look at Dansa party….Next!!!

  3. I don’t know this lady, but thank you sender b/c I see her in pics all the while and jah know mi jus nuh know…something always throw me off about her choice of outfits, and the shiny fabrics really do nothing for her.

  4. sender go suck u mada and leave nata alone the gal look good and put together good to some a u slim gal need fi ask har how she do it

  5. I don’t no this lady but not everyone ah go slim and that’s what you guys need to get up yall head, and you no what’s sad it’s girls like her that’s taking nuff ah di slim girl man #FACTS

  6. di girl really know hor fi put harself togedda. Dam seh di material cheap but so what. nuff time yu see some people inna some clothes weh dem pay nuff for and di clothes dem look like shit.

  7. The lady look good, can the hater sender please send her pictures in so we can is always the ugly one that doing these shit…

  8. Everybody can’t be slim. The woman belly flatter den fi mi so she’s going VERY good!! Nuff ppl want hips, batty wid flat belly and she has it. She can always work on the arms. Repeat material is better then repeat outfit so gwan through Nata! :cool

  9. unuh stop talk bout body cause di sendoer never say anything about her body. a who a comment a bring up body and isbecause har body look damn good a fi har money and if she want do tummy tuck she can do that.. some a unu need it jah know .. unuh go do breast and leave di belly .. but anyways the girl whatever she feel.. it don’t matter the damn cost a fi har money buy it.. mi tell unu bout nasty jamaicans, bad mind jamaicans.. you got some people and all you see dem inna is black cause thats their style so whatttt if this is her style.. stop worry about petty shit… karma is a bitch and whoever the sender is don’t be surprise if one day your pic up here….
    and bet you the person who send this in is the same damn person who be giving her compliments to but behind har back dem a chat shit.. god soon reveal unu dirty deeds..nata if you wear this f**king fabric 100 time gues what you look f**king good and everytime it is something different, mi just ignorant when mi see post like this enuh cho… dis girl when mi see har she don’t even a trouble no body… unuh go look fi did troublemaker dem… this shit sound personal nata vibes whoever send this in have something personal with you …

  10. Oh fckn plez…it yuh a GUH wear this material/fabric that look like something out of Wonder Woman closet expect to be talk about. True har belly flat she look good? What happen dorm thunder thighs and big arms since UNNU a talk the body.

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