Met, Uh Nuh see neekie A Breed? See her on her snap with belly look like bout 3 months. . But this gal a party with belly? A wonder if a fi the G.O.A.T or a fi the construction company yute?
And this kid won’t tie her down either bcuz she nah stop whore. All she gonna do a ship the pickney off after she have him/her like she do with her son. Boy, some a dem gal ya nuffi breed inno god know… well, the man dem must know weh them see inna dem.

As for the new whore on the market- Shadae. . You ago follow inna neekie shoes too? Since everything she do you follow. Go have a child with troy or one of the many old man weh ya f**k.. Hoe life ain’t for you girl, mi see ya pretend


  1. Sender u sound jealous … why u don’t mind u owner business ,,, is what neeki or shadae take way u man girl,,, stil spread rumors Both Neeki a breeed … u can stop stress now bcz she is not breeding for your man. Why should good gyal like shadae breed fi wuckless gigaloo Troy?. Why u don’t gwaan go breed fi him… get a life sender

  2. @ Sender, why you care? People live their life according to how they want. If she was pregnant, she would not be drinking. If you dislike someone, Why are you on their SC?

  3. Yes anonymous, you’ve really figured me out. I am jealous; jealous that they party every night and f**k different man and oh yes! ! And the bag of threesomes…. the life I would rather be living.. what’s not to be jealous of?

    If you have ntn more to say please keep it the f**k moving. N secondly, none of them gal ya can’t take my man not even if me give him permission. All the time people send in stuff you think they’re jealous n bitches take their man.. Bitch you’re f**king pathetic

  4. Well @sender….. atleast if she a breed she carry it unlike maybe u…. weh dash weh yours dem smh…. too nuff man. Come off a the gal snap, unu carry news till unu carry f**kery, next please!!!!!

    1. I assume the GOAT is Jamaica’s favorite track star.

      Fiction posted video of the 100 bottles be brought for the entire club on Saturday night.

  5. @sender lol! That’s hate…. sound like u hate the girl…. u sound really hurt omg! A wah she do u??? Tell me please, me really wah kmow lol! Sender Lowe the gal

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