7 thoughts on “WOULD YOU EAT?

  1. Me need fi know a which 3 beans! Cause red peas alone coulda work wid, coulda even throw some likkle spinners inna it, mi doubt it woulda taste no way !

    If a did Tastees mek it mi woulda eat it, Juci nuh taste nice like one time!

  2. Dem get extra wid di patty dem ISI, curry goat, jerk chicken, ackee, now stew peas patty. What next, run dung patty? cow foot patty? tripe and bean patty?. Give it a rest iyah.

      1. Cita for several generations now the stories of women tieing man via stew peas have been told. Basically is nuff oil of mek him nuh lef n oil of marry me n wuk the money bring it come,has been blended into stew peas.

        The most shocking is the woman’s monthly blood that the obeah man/women insist must be put in the stew peas.

  3. It nuh sound like something mi woulda eat. As ah matter of fact when it comes tuh patty, is only beef patty mi wrerk wid. Try di chicken one years aguh and was grossly disappointed.

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