Dutty kiesha yuh need fi come off a fb Cah di ppl dem seh yuh picta dem stay bad n yuh wig neva set right pon yuh head. ..yuh mouth sink and yuh p**y Eva raw….yuh fi thank God fi di twin cah a dem mek ya live n can eat america cah yuh nuh have a (Edited)…all ya talk yuh use to deh pon curfiew and a walk and beg….yuh friend dem chat yuh tights lady!! Full a chat now Cuz you move out a shelter


  1. Met di Writer sounds like Keisha Lesbian lover.. How she get into so much detail. “Pussy Raw”, “Mouth Stink”. Noman. Dem fui do better. And go see and smell di writer too. You should be happy di girl meck it out sdi Sheletr. Diss sounds more of Jealousy and a scorned lover. And No I’m not Keisha and I do not know her. :nerd :nerd

  2. @ smiley a same ting mi deh ya :tkp :tkp :tkp a sey how she knows sooooo much. You sey it all smiley mek I keep it moving cause people tek everybody problem a mek it their own no ya oonu really have a lot a time pon oonu hands.

  3. Warninnnnng senda wen unno sen een di ting dem mek sure it captivate di people dem r else it aguh backfyah, rite now di people dem bou fi dun yuh.

  4. Di tiga outfit and di dawg and puss posters in di background kinda different. :ngakak Since she move outta di shelter she tun vet? More power dawling….hope ah only dem deh “animal” yuh rescue. Senda yuh nuh sound too please seh big tings ah gwaan fi har..:travel

  5. It’s great that she was able to get out of the shelter and she’s doing better sometimes you have to be down in order to come up… I really don’t understand the dislike from the sender but me god keep this young women… I don’t know her but I wouldn’t wish bad on no one I don’t care how much

  6. I don’t know this young women but she has her whole life to live and God gave her a 2nd chance out of that shelter so she must be grateful.. I don’t understand how people can air people laundry like that remeber God don’t like ugly don’t stop your blessing because you hate another person… I don’t know this women but wish her all the best…

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