0 thoughts on “NEW SIDEKICK IN TOWN

  1. Ms. Tastelikeskilltes? I’m not a 100% sure but don’t him already have a baby name happle?
    That’s none of my business though.

  2. Tina a fox would think from the other day that you have been dropping some hints where the IKKAN is concern a wah suh??? He was your MCM now him a yuh baby. Laarks you not a lesbian anymore???? Dance hall and unu garbage recycle…..

  3. J ICON is recruiting more people to do the dirty work in the Icon family. This person soon change him name to ICON, What happen to the other one that is behind bars? Jue Icon? him come out yet?

  4. Mi nuh know how me & u a fren and u put up mi baby fawda pic as “MCM”? But dem dutty dancehall ppl have no loyalty.

  5. Woiiiii wah mi seh from last post? These dance hall hied don’t have real friend it’s sad a Tina yuh sad and yuh pussy sad unnu can’t find yuh own man

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