Bermuda girls at war ,,Joy vs Latoya ,, Joy too old to tryna compete wiff this young hottie Latoya,,, the hottie says she is hurting Joy head




  1. Omgggggg these ppl are funniest,,they done they bodies nd mek it get to them head ,, the one inna the shorts look like a prostitute,,,,the one inna the black look like a man…

  2. I know the one personally in the shorts, she looks much better with her natural hair, in her early 30s. Even look much prettier than MOST of you Jamaicans that is here,don’t even know why she wear those weaves. You ladies need to stop,and leave the ladies alone.

  3. You ladies need to leave the ladies alone, the one in the shorts looks much better without those weaves, look like she is in her early 30s. Don’t know why she wear all those weaves? She looks much prettier than MOST of you jamaicans that is here.


  5. Carmalita Hartford aka Rachael, leave the Joy n Toya alone, Go and take back the people husband that you live with, HOME WRECKER.You let a older man a freak you out in your ASS.

  6. Nuff a unuh a deh wid ppl man nd the man na live wid unuh unuh leave the girl alone ,,, that girl Rachel is a good girl ,,, GO and find out who send unuh business to pinkwall,,,,you all know Rachel nd know she was gonna share it like how she shares Sandy own ,,,it’s a free world…and it’s social media ,,,, unuh go suck Rachel Ass. Nuff a unuh fraid to share much less to comment y’all anonymous,,,stay that way.

  7. Gal wid the pretty pussy hand inna the air,,me neva put me pretty pussy inna dirty affair me pretty pussy tight mark -MAN STAY RIGHT HERE;;me have RING pon me pussy BLING pon me pussy man all a foreign waan link pon the pussy,, me have glue inna me pussy it nuh blue inna me pussy man get mad all a bellveiw over the pussy,, man say it fat like me get sting pon pussy,, nuff gal WISH dem did have it like that any man f**k me pussy haffi come bk,,neva let me down me pretty pussy neva FLOPP,, one man a get me pretty i can swear,, me have the pretty pussy wid the cute teddy bear,,,———#Gal now you com suck out me pussy when the man Dunn f**k out me pussy

  8. Show off cute girl,, Gal wid the pretty pussy hand inna the air,,neva put me pussy inna dirty affair one man a get me pretty pussy I can swear,,Me pretty pussy mark -(MAN STAY RIGHT HERE) Me have RING pon me pussy BLING pon me pussy man all a foreign waan link pon the pussy man say it fat like me get sting pon me pussy,,me have glue inna me pussy it nuh blue inna me pussy,, man get madd all a Bellevue ova the pussy nuff gall wish dem did have it like thatttt any man f**k me pussy haffi come bk,,neva let me down me pretty pussy neva FLOPP!!!!!
    A the same man we are talking bout him f**k you BUT HIM LOVE ME ,,, Ms HOLLYWOOD you body good,,, Me neva mek no man !!!!me nuh work a BUILD A BEAR so wat goes around can come bk round at least um not a retired prostitute so me good good will be ready nd waiting fi the next man !!!! Build your house on a ROCK not the sand we all know the parable,,, um not guilty of nutten weh unuh JOHNCROW Nuh guilty of,,, true man HATE unuh,,

  9. Okk so you guyz want to defend your friend by calling out my friend name well don’t Latoya goes with a married man as we speak,and she still married last I checked they say the pretty Jamaican was selling her crotch all over Bermuda,these two ain’t no saint they both been thru the island were taking man is concerned,joy aint no saint either ,they been beefing before Rachel ,don’t let me go there cauz this will cauz a whole pile a shitt,,, I am for team HOLLYWOOD bcauz this one of the realist yardy in Bermuda, she works very hard nd never been in no drama with no body over no man,, she beats girl for her man. F**k all a you talking bout she started this shitt look how much ppl are on here ,, anybody can come on here all a you should just f**k off.

  10. No sahhhh the girl seh she have the pretty pussy ,,,,,woiiii this means the man na come back lolololollo girllll,,, why they start you up .

  11. Joy a whore, Rachael a ole retired whore, n Latoya a whore..I know Rachael from Jamaica, she use to sell pussy and use to work at a massage center, before she borrow har Fren clothes, fi go get visa. God bless Rachael with a husband ten har off a di gully bank up a cassia park, and put har in a house, the husband ketch har, wid a man, in the house. She start f**k again. U do nails a Jamaica n f**k dung jamaica dutty Rachael before u go Bermuda, aid di bang belly. U go Bermuda n still a f**k, till u find ur husband, after our 2nd husband dead, u start f**k dung di place AGAIN, until u find the people den husband. Leave di ladies alone cause ur record nuh clean either…u nuh have no Fren. Cause ur Fren den chat Yuh seh di man Weh u seh aid NOW a f**k out Yuh batty…Yuh want tampon dutty Rachael fi plug up batty…cement better. Run di freaky man.

  12. Dem hate Latoya n Joy a yah suh nice. Obviously these 2 ladies a run dem head hot wid dem man. Low di gal dem tru dem pussy good dats man buy it, cze if it Neva good dem wouldn’t get no sale. Better dem sell it Dan GI it Weh fi free a yah suh nice

  13. Rachael still mine di married man and him pickney dem? And a big him daughter pon fb. Idiot gal a obeah man u wid so him tie fi mine him, h madda and him pickney dem. How u manage Rachael, cause di money laundering nah work fi yub again catch u get ketch a Bermuda airport..u betta go start go bk to pussy selling to.

  14. Fr nutten to summin!!!!!! Right now me IGNORANT me want the person weh seh dem know Rachel from cassia park reveal themselves or shut the f**k up,,,, bitch yuh waan shot wid shitt ,,,you obviously is going on a cuss cuss basis cauz if you really know Rachel you can’t cuss her bout selling pussy nd man ketch her with man,, me live a cassia park nd grow a cassia park nd if anybody who knows nutten bout cassia park know seh RACHEL a the QUEEN fi cassia park,, Rachel must tell unuh her business bout borrow clothes nd get visa that nuh bad cauz when you talk bout ambition a she this that’s why she borrow the clothes to mek sure she was up to parrr #PRESENTATION yess she get through she get her visa nd from that day untill now look at her accomplishments,,,, a the only girl from cassia park weh neva tek a man a cassia park every man a Cassia Park rate dem gal yah,,,,a our hero bring #RANGE com park nd buss cassia park nuh next gal neva do that yet,,, RACHEL mek we laugh when she a Bunn out suck hood soo unuh gwaay bout f**k inna batty a fwd unuh a look,, when unuh can come a Jamaica nd drive RANGE nd sit on the road side wid unuh dutty foot fren nd drink bag juice nd nuh watch nuh face denn unuh can come fi da gal yah!!!!!!!!!!!! Me Dunn talk.

  15. You bitch need to get off Rachel bloodclaat name cause she have what it takes to f**k any bitch man and moreover anonymous remember that you were working at the same massage center as well where you suck the hood them,now you have a built in pit walking with, Rachel have what it takes to f**k god bless her with a good pussy so use it up

  16. Hollywood, it’s seems all these nothing ass bitches, Who drank a bunch of hater-ade, sat down and talked a bunch of shit about you, and then came begging on bended knees to become your friend. I told you these hoes were nothing but haters from the start, they sure as hell can’t change in the end. Be sitting on your name like chair, just because they know you a bad bitch with yo money in yo pocket. All nothing ass Joy, with her drag queen looking ass self, was hating on you since you were working at her sister’s shop, and Lotoya, who you were hanging with through thick and thin, all them bitches turned into vampires on you, but I been telling you that you needed to poison those hoes, cause they all nothing but rats, and rats need to die from poisoning.

    These bitches be coming on pink wall, writing shit because they got a little exposure, but we all know it’s been ages since those bitches been exposed, while popping that ugly, predator looking pussy in blue movie. That bitch Lotoya, who mad niggas been ran through, until she ain’t got anything left between her legs, just a spot. That bitch been to the plastic surgeon to do batty, belly and back, when that hoe should have been getting herself a new pussy, cause the old one been done.

    And that old done out body whore Joy, walking around everyday in heels, looking like a motherf***n drag queen, bitch needs to put a bag over that face. And stop giving young niggas her money to f**k her. That bitch be talking mad shit, but what she needs to talk about is the fact that her sister wants her out of her f***g place, cause she be doing hair from the beginning of time, until times about to end on her ugly monster looking ass, and still can’t own her own shop.

    BEWARE of the rest of them bitches too. This is a Warning. They’re all vampires.

  17. People coming on here talking shit they don’t know… Rachel is a Ritire hoe joy wash up a tun down. An even the kinds in kindergarten knows Latoya sell pussy! After all is said an done.. Rachel need Fi stop go pon social picture website an take off people pictures an slap pon pink wall! Rachel have more than what to put on pink wall she need to put up her kids them weh she gi weh like dog puppy! She need Fi put up her dutty shop weh a give people fungus in a them nails an feet! Rachel Fi Remember say she afi a box cobweb out a her face when she walk in a her DUTTYHOOD shop! An a next thing again she need Fi mind her own business.. Bermuda is a very small place an bermudians does not familiar with pink wall until the Queen of mixup High chest Rachel introduce them to it! Rachel with her ghetto ass self! Bitch go introduced your clients them to cleansiness! Them tired Fi complain say you always on social media bashing people an them don’t have time for it! Pree how much clients you loose because of this same social media drama! You an joy was Fren you an Latoya was Fren why everybody get so bitter against one other It don’t look good U all need to f**k nobody don’t want to hear unuh sad story because everybody have skeletons in them closet! An the ole a unuh pussy done if so be the case! An Rachel this is a warning stop put people pon pink wall an stop share! Stay out of social media Drama!

  18. Omg this is not good! For a professional nail Tec!!!! Rachel you should not be in all of this! I guess is a Jamaican thing to bring down each other! I was a client of Rachel an I stop support her business because whenever I go to her to get my nails done she is always on her phone bashing people I don’t understand everything she says but I understand quite a bit because I have Jamaicans friends! So I know a little patwa! But on this note Rachel you need to do better! As a Business woman! An I really think you need to spend more time cleaning your place of business your shop is (FILTHY)I come there because I like you as a person! But Reality you need to stop! We Bermudians tired of you Jamaicans drama in our country! You all need to stop! It’s disgusting….. Rachel you like too much Drama and think you a better than your fellow Jamaicans… I see a lot of Jamaicans here that prettier than you… Look better than you! Well manner an not doing Drama! You seriously need to cut it!

  19. Wooooi over pink wall nice eee!! Lol… Look how the people them a do Rachel? Instead a them done Latoya an joy them a done har! That’s y it call groopie met! Fi people who don’t mind them own business! Rachel look how you Mek d people dem a done you an you Shopp! Omg!lol saaaascrisse! Mi like it! Mi can’t stop laugh! hush my girl a just the table turn! Them say you Fren dem say you Deh a Bermuda a hype bout the 1996 old Range weh you have a Jamaica but you nah tell d people dem say you mother Deh a Jamaica a wear dutty $100 slippers an her foot dutty like grung! Them say u Fi tell you hungry belly Fren dem weh Deh a Jamaica say joy an Latoya have them house an them big Ride to! You Fi tell the people dem say you 2 man dem buck up a u dutty yard an lick out you window a Bermuda an u afi call police! You Fi tell them say you is the only so call Rich Jamaican in Bermuda weh wear a weave Fi 6 month head smell like dog bed! Lol stop hype an try trick people! Gal a foreign can trow 2 hand a good partner an buy old van if them want to! Gwaan wid u old van yah! Rich gal do plastic pon seat!! Lol.. You too f**g nuff f***r u!!l you range out a Range!lol

  20. Me Caan argue wid ppl weh me Caan see,,, nobody na Dunn me pon pinkwall cauz at the end of the day all on here is speculation nd hear seh,,, nobody knows who put up the girls pics on here but is my fault to call them nd tell them it was there,,,, my kids are American um not an American so my kids live America so all who thought they were been given away that’s a Rumor fake not true they living the American dream,,,, I am who I am cauz I take care of my Mother always have nd always will God forbids if my mom or my dad should go before me I don’t have to beg or borrow ,,, I have 3 children nd all have a trust,,,, you guyz want to know my business but I’ll let you stick to wat they put on here it’s okk,,, um not crying….um not a prostitute never been a prostitute nd will continue to be the lady that guyz look up to when I walk on the street,,,OKK anybody who knows how Jamaicans are known that this is wat they would do ,,I can’t put my BANK account on here to prove nutten nd um not tryna justify nutten but none of these girls neva stop speaking to me I WAS THE ONE WHO STOPPED ,,,,my style will always be my style,,,nobody can neva bring my shop down that was given to me by GOD nd that is why when like you say you didn’t come back I got 20 back at least I don’t have no drama in there,,,I still have ALOTT of customers cauz I GOD I TRUST;;; um not worried if any a you thought my shop wanted to be cleaner than it is you are just like these #FINKS on here ,,, but um a woman nd were I fall short I can adjust I will ajust,,, ONE of the lady on here said she was gonna find out who has sent in her name guess she hasn’t done it yet or I guess the Obeah man dead yesterday but anyways ,,,thank all a y’all for making me stronger this is a lesson that I will learn fr;;;;;; nd it shows me how judgemental nd evil ppl can be….today for me tomorrow for you but I think #A_ME_STILL_A_WIN GOD A GOD

  21. Oh well…..Drama will never stop!!! Holly come on here trying to justify shit! Ok I hope you learn your lesson! Because I’m pretty sure you granny are your mother did tell you Nuh trouble weh Nuh trouble you! You should learn more how to uplift people an not bring them down! Remember you have family an you have kids! An you may never know what people is thinking! I’m not on here to Bash anyone!! All I’m saying to you Rachel as a person with Respect an morals! STOP!! I never speak to you in person I saw you a lot of times in passing! So I don’t Really know you! But from what I understand is your same friends them say is you post stuff on here! One of your Big woman friend told persons that it was you who posted the Video of the girl Sandy on here! You posted the video of Jessica an her worker on here ! An also you are the one posted joy an Latoya on here! So all I’m telling you is becarefull! Because you are messing with people livelyhood an that can be very fatal! If you an persons are not friends!!!!! And you see something disgraceful about them why would you share it on your Facebook page???? That is mixup an drama! My advice to you is to stay away from trouble because it can lead up to other things! Because you don’t know what these people are peering! STOP!! STOP!! Rachel STOP!!


  23. Rachael stop throw shades on your Facebook page and leave the people alone. Don’t let me have to tell the cashiers in Gibbon Company to watch out for you, cause steal the clothes from out of their store, you are their! The staff at Bermuda airport already have an eye on you for MONEY LAUNDERING girl you need to stop! Cause you life is in a complete MESS!

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