Tina where are you? Ever since Marcel mek yuh look like one big fool inna di Bronx wid di military girl, him nuh look pon yuh ah dance and one ah yuh mate beat yuh and get your party lock off yuh disappear from the dancehall scene. Well that’s good if that’s what it takes for you get your kids from Jamaica and stop run down Marcel because clearly the whole world know he don’t want you. Everybody know he’s was just sleeping with you. On another note it’s a good thing you’re out of party scene because your age ah start show pon yuh. No wonder yuh ah run down Marcel and him ah run down gal DM. You was the same one weh say oh him love yuh. Love yuh where. Look how much women name call wid Marcel. Mi all hear seh him madda not even like yuh. Tina you ah one big fool. Continue stay in church because yuh need Jesus fi help yuh come to yuh senses.


8 thoughts on “STAY IN CHURCH OO

  1. Bleaching boosts confidence and egos#facts in her case. Looking like the scawled dog frm the chinese resataurant that is circulating on social media!

  2. Ah good fi har. She have no ambition. Mi hate see woman who run down man and nah tek care ah dem pickney. She ah run down a Man who nuh love har like how har pickney dem love har. She just guh fi har pickney dem ah Jamaica abt damn time. Look like har mate beat some sense inna har. Every day she ah post up psalms like she inna church. Which man can mek mi look like fool wid another woman then mi guh put him name pon mi flyer and him mate beat me then turn off mi party. And wah make matters worse di madda nuh like har and har mate have up picture wid di madda. Marcel ah nobody fi woman mek him tek dem fi fool. Marcel is just another wanna be inna di Bronx weh hype like him have money and nuh have nothing. Anybody weh lay down wid him ah idiot. Yuh know how long him claim seh him want mi and all now mi nuh look pon him Man must short ah Bronx. And if dat be the case then mi stay to mi self and live mi happy life wid mi pickney dem.

  3. But if a jus look the man Did a look you and yuh bitter suh suppose him did sex yuh? And why is only this woman getting cus out? because the mother like Di mate that mean the man want har? Sensible people blog here, some a unnu woman need fi have some sense and stop tun unnu self inna prekeh fi man, Di man dem evil but sometimes when yuh look pon the type a women they have to choose from its no wonder they keep it moving. Unnu walk a fling unnu front pon Everyman unnu think have money all when unnu see him with 100 hoes already then expect him fi wife and mine unnu and when that nuh happen unnu vex then complain to dear Met. some a unnu need a time-out from man-tek King fi go back to school, learning is not just for kids

    1. I know what I wrote. She’s the only one getting cursed out because I see what she does I don’t see what the others do. And nobody said just because she took a pic wid the mother he want her I was just referring out he makes her look like a fool PUBLICLY!!!!!! I don’t see what he does to the other publicly the Bronx don’t know what he does to the others publicly. If he’s in my inbox what makes you think I think he wants the others. Truthfully speaking he want NO ONE!!!! So therefore let me have my opinion and stop assuming

    2. Awww are you a friend of Tina. Sounds like it. Bitter bitch no one is better I was just speaking facts maybe ppl like you should mind your business. I got my Masters hun I had enough schooling. Too bad half of these chicks can’t say the same.Maybe you should take your own advice. PS….Marcel played Tina and he won’t get the chance to play me. I guess anyone with an opinion is bitter but by the sounds of things you’re more bitter than me. Carry on that’s if you you’re uneducated ass can understand a proper sentence

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