1. Good fi him. Pitney fi care by any means necessary. burgs tek note, mek wifey pay up or scrap metal fi u!

      1. After him nuh work nuh where a so do law a deal word dem her income is a marital asset

        1. That rule does not apply to the state of pennsylvania. And as i say before NO TEST neva run. Unless court ordered, in the state of Pennsylvania either party requesting the DNA test must pay for it. $500 was the last known fee and that was a few years ago (been through the process). We all know Burgs or Nicky nah pay for that.

  2. well at least he’s not advertising being a drug dealer. some ppl won;t even get off their ass to try and make some money for themselves or children

  3. ohhhh it’s funny cause he hustling and not drug hustling Ohh it’s funny cause he not sneaking in a boat to sell drugs and get deported? OK

  4. Wtf is all da glory in drug dealin? I have yet to see a drugs man live happy ever after dem always reep wat dem sow

  5. look like him dumb or cant see that dameyon is not his friend. nuh just last week daymeon talk about man a cry bout 50 dolla child support like a bitch. and him dont need govermennt to force him take care of his child. addi a u him did a talk idiot

  6. meti dont know how much but him owe money already after all them big talk bim did have when story just go up. he better be careful cause he laughting now but goverment nuh ramp fi them pictney them

  7. met mi tell you i dont know how much or how long but for the chat him did have he should never be late im just saying

    1. no him should never be late and children fi get mine none stop…but a two man yuh have as baby father di time u tek a focus pan one u focus pan both fathers..u keep focussing on what was ”said” about u and no mention of the effect any of this will have on your two babies..no money nuh fi owe ure correct but get ur head together…ure still not focussed

  8. well you better than me cause i dont know if it 1 2 or 3 months mi jus hear sey him owe and just sey he need to becarfull

  9. It would make more sense for uncle sam to keep some of these donors here to make sure they don’t abandon their children. Even if them haffi dig out a people trash fi scraps and sell, if not jail fi yuh. It cheaper fi keep them inna jail than inna road to rass. what a world.

  10. All the lawyers or should I say child support advocates it must requires sum type of degree or experience to be so adamant about what u kno not! Think b4 u speak or simple use the same phone weh yah use a type shit n go on google the answer u seek is right there or the next or register at http://www.childsupport.com no back 2 Mrs Famous it look like a addi Mek u kno bout Baby father 5 year now n u still a wait fi conformation comin and pink wall call or claiming a man to b the father of ur child don’t equate to a DNA test tell me this isn’t it 2 months ago met put ur story up about the order of obligation been complete now tell me is he payn a million Dallas to owe that much to be incarcerated no boo boo

  11. I doubt it check ur fact b4 u comin on met blog tryn to look a hype ain’t u tired of comin on here n getting played focus on being a mother to the kids that has no father cause as far as I her burgs took test according to u n I have yet to see or hear him mention or claim that child not even on Instagram even addi test was here n I can bet my life he hasn’t see him either food for taught u cannot scare a hooker with a dick! It’s a German expression I believe addi been tru the system n him a one boy if him go court with out a lawyer his lawyer advice him he don’t need him there ok so yo tactics cant scare him he been there for worst I’m sure so trust he should knows the stipulation involves is case so if u nah talk what him owe or stfu a story yah tell ok

  12. @ anny 9:58 so ur sayn Addi is payn her $50 a month n day eon his friend talkin shit oh so day eon a throw word cause him owe har the likkle $50 n let me guess he’s gona spend the rest of his life in jail for 1,2 may b 3 months accord to her up top is a warrant issue for this person only when a warrant is been issue a person will b arrested in this case n I believe he acknowlege that he In fact owe to a few ppl even on is Instagram if u take time out to read instead of goin to the obeah man to figure out out to try to get him back u will see ur sayn Nttn new the man don’t have a job n he’s doin what he needs to do even if it’s to sell ketchup bottle to pay weh him owe go back n read the topic or the IG post

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