Good evening to all,
Met yuh si why mi nuh promote going to dance every night and not getting up any hours of the day to get your education in place so you can strive for better in life….Come on now you can have fun and go out but make sure you always have something to fall back on when dancing pan head top and skinning out crotches fails….A good education is better than silver and gold…. Look pan di sentence the young lady try construct and then when people try correcting her in a nice way she ready fi nyaam off them head.. You can even educate yourself and if yuh friends them caay correct yuh and yuh tek correction then them a nuh yuh fren….”On Behalf of……”

5 thoughts on “OFF SKIN TASTIC

  1. Wrong category met a di duttyfut Lil gal weh Marvin always have a dash bout the place. She an dutty fingernail Nikki did Inna cusscuss wah day

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