Weh u would a seh bout dis how u fi have two nice beautiful kidz and seh dis bout dem dah gyal yah wah gas and light and put ina a barrel and u kick it Mek roll guh down d Rd and cyah stop she is a bitch man she come in like dem dog deg we nyam bk dem puppy wen dem have it
Mi wah u post it she too dam wicked

Can u believe she have it up pan r whats app smh disgusting


4 thoughts on “OLE WICKED

  1. Smh and i’m here having fertility issues and some ungrateful disgusting people not deserving of such a great gift of motherhood. Jesus intervene bless these little ones.

  2. Was she reffering to her kids though? Because sometimes my whatsapp pic and my status are not in sync. I would like to think she wasn’t talking about the kids even though their pic was on display.

  3. Someone anyone report that bitch before those kids are sold and or end up dead somewhere!!! Met – things like this is warning we must not take these things lightly, please!

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