9 thoughts on “OOMAN A TEEF GOAT

  1. This is very unfortunate. I guess the local wholesale or supermarket not hiring. Not a bad looking empress either, all promotion work she can do. If she was selling her body I personally wouldn’t judge her cause it’s her body, but to take people things is no good. The owner of the goat probably had plans to sell it and make a profit or feed their family.

  2. This hurt mi heart. I feel so sorry for her and I don’t even know why bcus I don’t like thieves. The shame on her face

  3. Them hot gal a spainsh town every dance she at snd her man de overseas a make money she a gogo too she. Dance a Samll island

  4. Gogo samantha kellyman f**k box why you crying for eeee si you never now your kids them ago need you bitch eeeeee now you ago spend time in a jail

  5. Yes mi share the video pon mi page tag samantha in it ppl come beat mi them too hot in dance and have to thief if make it

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