Today was supposed to be a normal monday morning, expected nothing more than little hick ups on the morning commute and and packed refrigerator at work with sunday-monday. This however was changed at 8:27am when I got the call, I was going to let it ring and go streight to voicemail but I answered instead. Then the world stopped moving and I felt different. I was informed that my friend of 13 years was shot snd killed last night. But how I wondered I just spoke to her a few days ago, she no “bad”. I tried to make every justifications I could but came up empty. The tears cant stop and I can’t process. Met my friend Samantha oc Trudy was shot dead sometime last night, there is no information from the news sources as I have been scouring them all morning, a friend on her fbook said “man shoot har up” again this I cannot confirm. I send my deepest condolences to her family in Christiana Manchester and to her purpose “Chanel” (her daughter). The bits and pieces coming in said it happened in St. Mary, she was working in ochi and lived in the old harbour area. From a broken hearted friend…


  1. The violence in Jamaica is getting too much now and it look like it no have no stop a stop. Condolence.

  2. So many times I write R.I.P or condolences on this wall sharing in the bereavement of someone else friend or family member. But when it hits so close to home it’s a hard pill to swallow. I can’t accept this truth and I don’t know when or if I will. But rest on my dear friend…..rest on.

  3. My condolences goes out to you and her family, may her soul rest in peace… The violence against women come on like an every day occurrence and nothing is being done about it… I pray that the violence stop all around, it doesn’t make no sense why young women, children and elderly are targeted for senseless violence… I’m going to ask again oh Lord please stop the violence and give the people peace…

    Rest easy young lady…

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