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Lil miss Sabrina you wack ass on Instagram talking a bag of shit and your dumb ass can’t do nutten! You and you hoeing friend Stacey doll are wack bitches all y’all punk bitches do is walk and hide and f**k down uptown Bronx then y’all got the heart to point fingers on other bitches know how much night me and my girls driving pass your house and see you a let jerry bling inside your apartment bitch not even gonna talk about the rest of niggas your name a call pon! A wonder if Rado know how much of a bitch you are??? You run come put people on pink wall the other day bitch is your turn!!!!!!!!!! And imma talk it all!!!!!! From your baby father/ husband gone a jail your wack punk ass don’t stop hoe down uptown Bronx your pu**y don’t know how to skip a few d*ck and more!!!!!!! Before you fix your man and baby father problem you have time to sit and talk me bitch get a damn life like you don’t remember when you didn’t have no where to live no food to eat and a my house you had to stay! My clothes you use to borrow and from you move nuff a them missing so when you ago run on Instagram and talk shit come to me like how you so big bad and brave you lil hoe!

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      1. After ur drive by d house so many times.. Which I find weird and stalker like).. U are only able to call one man name, or is it u don’t know the other men name.. Sender how do u know that she isn’t helping baby daddy.. Would u like an update of fb or IG every time she send money, pay d lawyer or go visit? Just curious?

  1. Bronx bitches…

    I have a solution .. If y’all would just GROW & get y’all own man
    & do something constructive daily other than teach your kids
    To go on head top & one drop … We won’t have this problem

    Den coo pon Jerry Bling nuh … *Vomits*

    1. I cudda swear sey Jerry Bling love man to him ting. Man like him use ooman as cover up….Senda mi nuh believe whey yuh sey bout driving by the house and see Jerry Bling, not a ting doah guh suh. Unuh too good man. Mi sey IG is the place to showoff pan one annada. Show off a guh bring much needed disgrace pan some a unuh

  2. Jerry Bling anno gay?? Mi tink him did down with the gays… But coo him too.. KMT… Gyal go find sumin du bout ya drive pass di gyal yard.. Real Peeper vs Peeper to raaas

  3. Rass yaw now how this sound like a renetta send in this so the whole a unnu wasn’t friend?where is Sabrina fi come defend r self although bout renetta ,staceydoll an Sabrina a dog shit cause none nu better than none a rass

  4. but wait.why u driving pass the girl house at night :ngakak :ngakak jerry :ngakak jerry.dont u have a nice woman who don’t party or mix up :bingung senda hehehe talk up and call name : :maho

  5. this story sounds likke some hating ass bitches that aint got shit to do cuz mi kn o da girl n she nuh trouble ppl sum ah unno nuh have nuten fi do ah unno yard cuz unno unhappy n nuh have fi do

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