No sah jenieka ah breed fi di rasta bwoy munchy affi guh mine him and all a him woman and pickneh dem my God jenieka yuh cudnt wait yuh and shaniel stop deal him? Wah gwaan wid di decorating buissnes it shut dung dwrcl, nasty bl***t tessy a suh yuh cum a road dem must shame fi stand up beside yuh yuh cyaant wear nice clean proper cloths yuh hair eva done weh yuh nuh guh mek yuh big friend tia do yuh make up mi cyaan badda wid philly walk an **k people

28 thoughts on “PHILLY PREGNANCY

  1. Fuss unnu she she deh wid Shabba now she ah breed fi a rasta bwoy. Mek uo unnu mind. Senda yuh must jealous ah neika yuh knowo cuz yuh eva find a reason fi put har up pon yah. And di one inna di yellow hair mus gi yuh headache. It cum in like yuh glad fi dem ting mash up if ah suh it guh.. But mi agree wid yuh wid crawny lookin one dung a bottam. She look sick bad. She eva look sicky sicky.

  2. Tassy come on! You dont tired of people calling up your name? Please go and get yourself together and low out the dancehall life. You’ve been doing this for so ling! And you are si young!

  3. Can someone please send in the mix up with Keisha jaguar and shawtywinna aka Leanne a pure war over ig who fa shit fake who fa pussy big LAFAO :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Keisha need fi go get a life. After her death scare i thought she would have gone to Church and be saved. Keisha jealous of any body that looks better than her, dress better than her, and has more Assets than her. Keisha is who you call a HATER. She walk and befriend people then turn round and hate them for their success. YOu never see Keisha ah road, but she always ina war wid smaddy. Keisha you are 45 years old please to go and get saved and raise your child that is longing to see his father. Stop building enemy for yourself because all you do is run to the Police when the people dem confront you. Watch the table gwine turn way the Police dem lock har up one of them time yah fi Mischief. Nobody likes that Wananbe Rich girl knowing she will always be a peasant.

  4. Shaneel is one fuck up bitch and from the girl a West dash liquor in a jar face she tek it out pon everybody, why u stop go out and u so bad? Shaneel you life sad

  5. Munchy showtime yuh really a tek care a di rass while him a deh off wid di young gyal dem plus happily married a which part yuh fit in yuh nuh look bad girl what are you doing yuh that desperate mek yuhcan’t get a proper man fi yuh self

  6. Munchy look like she can a man to u kmt. Something wrong with the showtime ladies hole. Nuh man nuh stay. And the rasta just a look free promo hellooo

  7. Jenieka Möüth stay bad..munchy!!ah joke dis.jenieka sharp bad.can pass for a man.RASTA shame on you..dancehall done not enough women because u ah breed a HE SHE

  8. Nuh care weh nuhbaddy seh badda badda do tassy makeup at shauna party and they dress alike too bwoy some people need to just stop show dem face dem fi retire

  9. Tasssy deh wid flex???? ain’t flex just have a new baby, Tassy yuh Neva did a fuck Glen brother the other day yuh pussy a move busy sah

  10. Bwoy munchy di rasta a do yuh bad nd yuh still there which is it yuh a him woman Or his Friend……. “Him still deh wid tyesh” Mm

  11. So sexy shauna, isn’t kelly your bestie? How comes munchie weh disgrace Kelly suh pon big big social media deh at your foam party? Ya’ll butches cant be trusted! Friend-enemy. Munchie you is something else, man clown of the century! Hiw you dweet???? You get up and chat everybody everyday, and your business a spoil.

  12. Flex just have a new baby? How every year mi hear a next one bawn. Tassy always in the bwoy comments and dm bout she had at him.

    1. No it was Zulikea dat was fukking Junior. Junior is Steph Platinum first baby fadda. It goes to show you all these Philly broads are hypocrite and only cares about the next Dickk to hop on.

  13. This is what I don’t understand with philly people dem. Everyday ya’ll come on here and bash each-other, yet ya’ll the same fucking set of people smiling in one another’s face..bunch of fucking hypocrites!! From what I observe in person and facebook, munchy and Rasta still dealing, not as heavy as one time, but them still deal. I was at Blackie cookout Neika and Rasta was at the same table drinking and smoking hookah. So how is it that she’s breeding? Everybody a try pin them as fuck buddies, even MUNCHY(veachy said this out her own mouth).
    Tassy need guidance and she doesn’t have positive role models around her, you can’t do better when you don’t have anyone influencing you to be better. If ya’ll really cared for her, why not approach her in person and tell har di truth about her image and her provactive behavior…No, not unnu, crabs inna bloodclaat barrel!!

  14. I dont know what munch want with a little boy anyway. How you 40 years old dealing with a 26 year old boy. Its nice to know they dealing but til now, he never claim her as his woman. 9:17 sound like really munchy write it to defend his dirt.

  15. Shauna yuh party sell off and it was nice I give Philly girls B+ most girls in the party looks really nice veachy Dnt know why you was in a sweater/jacket and it was 90° fava I Am Big, from Dante start fuck yuh back him nah Glow again him start to look mash up no lie Kelly you look really pretty although everyone inna Gucci look like it on sale or a di in thing lol

  16. Tassy been fucking out her self for a very long time she has no morals or ambition all the money she begging and still can’t get a proper hair style my god tassy yuh pussy cheap no sah mi hear how di mon dem seh how yuh baggy dem tear up yuh couldn’t wear a proper bath suit at the foam party yuh are an embarrassment to the dancehall community we revoke your Jamaican citizen ship to philly cause yuh dirty and stink like .

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