Jamaican entertainer Popcaan on Tuesday pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer in Antigua.

Popcaan, whose given name is Andre Sutherland, was taken before a magistrate court in Antigua and Barbuda court on summary offenses.

He entered the guilty plea to the two charges, a representative of the Antigua police told The STAR.

Popcaan pleaded guilty to the charge of battery on police and was fined EC$1,000 (approximately $45,409).

If he fails to pay the fine, he faces six months imprisonment.

The entertainer was convicted of the offense of obstructing a police officer. He was fined EC$1,000 (approximately $45,409).

If he fails to pay the fine, Popcaan faces six months imprisonment.

Popcaan was arrested in Antigua and Barbuda early Tuesday morning.

Senior Sergant Frankie Thomas, public relations officer of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, confirmed the arrest with The STAR.

“There was an incident which happened last night during our Labour Day celebration and Jamaican national Andre Sutherland, aka Popcaan, was taken into custody in relation to a confrontation with the police during his performance,” Thomas told The STAR.

The following is a statement from the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda on the arrest of Popcaan.

Popular Jamaican dancehall artiste Andrea Sutherland, aka Popcaan was arrested and taken into custody, following a confrontation with police at Fort James around 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

It was reported that during the artiste performance on stage, a number of patrons, who were attending show climbed onto the stage.

The police, who were there to maintain Law and Order, went on stage to remove the patrons and to protect the artiste.

However, while the police were carrying out their duty, Popcaan got in the way of the officer, and physically barring him from carrying out his duty.

The artiste could be seen pushing a police officer aside, whilst at the same time on the microphone inciting the crowd to misbehave.

A number of patrons also resort to throwing missiles, causing injuries to innocent bystanders inside the crowd.

Popcaan was subsequently arrested and taken into custody by the police to prevent any further breach of the peace. He is likely to be charged with assault and battery of a police officer; obstructing a police officer and disorderly conduct.


  1. MET! Tell me a spell dem spell man child name wrong :hammer

    Him lucky a no US whey dem would have tasered his arse, boot in his neck, handcuffed, carried out vertically and locked the hell up with a immigration hold for extra measures! With some injuries.

  2. OK, seet deh! Phoenix know seh Roasecawn is a lucky man. Bout him a ease off police. Him think a Jamaica him deh wid di licky licky police weh gwaan fool fool fi entertainer.
    Mi still puzzled by the admin declaration seh di hossifer a work for Roasecawn. SMH. Respect the law. If you believe you have been wronged by an officer you take the matter to court.

  3. You guys must be watching a different video .It was all good vibes and the police was angry.You people just hate dancehall .

  4. Seet where @little willy ??? People like u easy fi manipulate and brainwash, cuz the truth deh right infront u face and u still a listen to wah whoever a seh. We all already saw the video from 2 angles so this over exaggerated statement wont change my point of view. Big up u self same way Poppi memba a u did seh “more time inna life, guilty the plee …” mi wah know wah kinna punishment dem give people in Antigua who actually beats the shit out of a police cuz if one box weh han and one statement cause all this, the country suppose to perfectly under order.

  5. hey police is police ….them a dra the police card everytime ….mi nah argue with them as me get older…cause see it there the unruly one did a help calm down the situation and the big bad pig just go after everybody . the artist and all ….no assault. but next time just walk guh work the crowd cause see it there now the unruly one a come out as a trouble maker.

  6. KMRT. Him all slap the police. The fan jump on stage more than once popcaan all slap the police hand. Someone really say ppl over here hate dancehall???
    Him a idiot the police push him before him did drop a grung him a defend one ting is sure bad man go prison or die and A calculating calm individual will always collect hard cash

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