1. Metty GOOD MORN! PORSHA should a drag out every last piece a Kenya hair , she is a BITCH both she want porshsa get fired! Kenya

  2. Nothing neva sweet mi so yet Kenya think a everybody she can fuxx around wit n get whey Porsha should have slapped that biotchhhhh

      1. shi real outta order shi nuh have nuh man nuh pickney and she talk di most……a she nuffi deppon cause him nuh have nuh husband mi nuh know a which African man a go stand fi dat …manin

  3. Morning Met, there is some story going around that the other members of the show said that if Porsha is fired that they refuse to renew their contract for the next season due to the fact that Porsha was provoked. Kenya must love dat eeh but no story cannot gwan if she have no one to run up inna

  4. She shoulda tek di sceptre an beat har wid it, me only sorry she Neva get two more kick before dem haul Porscha offa har , she’s disrespectful and demeaning . Porscha took it for far longer than most people would

  5. If Porsha get fired then Kenya should get fired also. Andy should not have allowed Kenya to provoke Porsha like that, so I also blame him. Porsha should have beat her properly and swell up her since dem gwine fire her. I am not condoning violence but that gal Keny always hot fi Porsha.At last season’s reunion Kenya threatened Phaedra when she was pregnant and Andy neva did or said anything about that. Miss washed up USA or America Kenya is jealous of Porsha. She wished she had her body and life (before the divorce). If dem fire Porsha and bring back Kenya mi not watching, matter of fact if dem fire Porsha periodddd mi not watching.

    1. And I will help you to start and sign a petition to boycott the show ( sorry Andy, I love you too, but if you let Porshia go then i’ll be forced to let you go as well ) :sorry

  6. Kenya knew exactly what she wanted to do that day at the taping she was out to get Porshe off the show and after Porshe dragged her ass, she got up and said your fired, then she had the nerves to call the police, the show should see Kenya wanted Porshe to put her hands on her, Kenya went to damn far, it’s time for her to leave the show she doesn’t have a purpose but to start shit if that’s the reason they continue to have her on the damn show, I hope they do not fire that girl because Kenya deserved what she got and she shouldn’t of provoked that girl, they should of had Kandi sitting on the couch then Porshe and just maybe it could of been prevented. smdh

  7. Regardless of what was said Porsha should have kept her hands to herself! All those chicks was coming for Kenya or at least Phaedra, Nene and Porsha! Nene and Pheadra was giving the girl unnecessary hate! Phaedra have her issues with Kenya because of her own jailbird man issues and she is just being bitter but not dealing with her husband! They are quick to call Kenya a hoe but she they all are the same ones that say she has no man! So who exactly can they say she’s hoeing with! She flirted with Apollo but I seriously doubt she was going there. She just was trying to piss off insecure Phaedra! And Phaedra has no room to call anyone a hoe! She bought her husband and she had that guy who wouldn’t even claim her telling her she was nothing more then a friend with benefits! Kenya is a real bitch with unconventional ways but them chicks been coming for her throughout the show!! She didn’t provoke Porsha anymore then Pirsha ran off her mouth but she really can’t handle herself against Kenya’s mouth so she turned it violent! She really couldn’t spell scepter and she did not know how to handle the statement about kordell she was riding the other girls train and just went ghetto! She’s not to brilliant to argue a point! The other ladies just basically boosted her and Kenya played! But none of them should be fired thats Bravos bs they always fighting so why fire them now for buffoonery I doubt it! They would all gang up to say fire Kenya but why the show is about buffoonery and drama!! Nenes just a lil intimidated by Kenya and wants her gone!! But didn’t she choke up Kim, didnt sheree and Kim fight? Fire her for what?

    1. Agree it a show Kenya is only acting. Porsha should control herself if her life was in questions she should not have been on the show.

  8. Point blank Kenya is one likkle bitch dat run har mout to much. Mi glad Porsha mopped the floor wit har.

  9. I blame Andy for this madness, cause him see har wid the accoutrements dem and no say my girl no badda wid that. dem all mek cynthia breast drop out. lol

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