Patrick Powell leaving the Supreme Court on Monday after he was freed of murder. Lionel Rookwood

BUSINESSMAN Patrick Powell, who was this week freed of the controversial shooting death of 17-year-old Khajeel Mais, is scheduled to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on November 18 in relation to the charge of failing to hand over his licensed firearm.

Powell was freed of murder and shooting with intent charges on Monday in the Home Circuit Court after the prosecution offered no further evidence.

He was arrested for Mais’ murder following allegations that he shot the Kingston College student in the head after the taxi in which Mais was travelling hit his BMW X-6 SUV.

During subsequent investigation, it was alleged that Powell, who was served two notices, refused to hand over his licensed firearm to the police for it to be tested and was subsequently charged with breaches of the Firearm Act.

According to the Police High Command, the police had executed a search warrant on Powell’s Havendale, St Andrew home during the investigation, but the weapon was not found.


  1. Let’s see him dem nah guh find him guilty of obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence etc. and give him the appropriate fines and time in jail those violations warrant.

  2. Is it me or has no one noticed Mr Powell’s lead attorney from day 1 is the PNP big wig Mr Atkinson? Which party was in power when this shooting occurred?
    Excellent counsel to advise Mr Powell not to turn over his firearm. No murder weapon makes the Prosecution case more difficult.
    Don’t anyone be surprised if that firearm is never found. Better yet shell casings and any recovered ballistic evidence suddenly disappears, even though this second scenario is more of a Senator Tom or Champagnie move.
    Are his sons licensed firearm holders?
    If his gun is ever recovered and proved to be the murder weapon, can he be tried again?
    If his firearm is “lost” what are they going to charge him for? Same as Al Miller when he lost his? What about the other PNP official that claimed he didn’t know his gun was missing until it was recovered from a criminal? What was his charge?

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