A young woman last week faced the Corporate Area Parish Court for allegedly pimping two underage minors who were reported missing from their home in Portland.

The 23-year-old vendor of Denham Town, West Kingston, Mary-Ann Downie, was arrested on February 1 and charged with child trafficking, living off the earnings of prostitution, and having in her possession a child in need of protection and care.

According to allegations, police acting on information went to her home where it was reported that two 13-year-old minors were staying and arrested Downie, who had been allegedly harbouring the teens.

Reports are that the accused carried the two girls all over the community to have s*x with men in return for money, which she then used for her own benefit.

Last Thursday when the matter was mentioned, Downie’s lawyer, Tanya Scarlett, who sought bail for the accused, told Senior Parish Judge Andrea Pettigrew-Collins that Downie had no previous conviction and that she was not a flight risk.

She also told the court that Downie was two months pregnant.

The accused was subsequently offered bail in the sum of $300,000 on condition that she reports to the Denham Town Police Station on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and surrenders her travel documents.

She is scheduled to return to court on March 20.


  1. Lawyers will defend anyone for money. To think lawyer Tanya could defend this demonic woman who robbed the lil girls of their childhood. ..smh.Doesnt Tanya care that she will be paid from the proceeds of crime?

    All the suffering n blood sweat n tears the lil girls go through u see that none of the money is to help heal their sufferation…it gone inna tanya n her client pocket!!

  2. For years now everybody a talk bout di man dem and nah pree di woman dem! A woman used to be di one dem who a lure weh likkle girl and gi to man! Or tek dem in and pimp dem out!

    Mi nuh kno ho some lawyer can stand up side of some ppl, dem only show seh a only fi di money! Smh!

  3. Bless up ladies. weekend gone another more famous Tanya…Tanya Stephens opened up about her first rape at 15yo.His her classmate lure her away inna car n go pick up di classmate man grey tone fren.

    Can’t even go in the gory details but Spoon is right. .women play a significant role in crimes of such nature. All my life I’ve known girls who always a set up men pon dem frenz I swear.

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