16 thoughts on “WIN OR NAH?

  1. She look real nice!

    Just need to work on the day outfit dem! Juliet is a tall (almost 6ft) big body woman some of the things that she end up wear just not for her. Dem always need to take into account height and size. What can go pon a shorter person smaller person not going work on her! Cause di outfit to parliament di other day never up!

  2. Too much claat (cloth, material, fabric whicheva)…Frock done long arredi neva needed at shoulder piece, should have just beaded or embelleshed shoulders

    1. Nope stop the foolishness she shape very good . She just doesn’t know what works for her body she need a page out of MO book she needs to learn how to dress for her body type. Her stylist and makeup artist need a pink slip the makeup is off and that dress look like 5 dresses in one they tried to play her.

      1. Stop tell lie She look like a Amazon. Michelle Obama is much slimmer than her despite being tall. Lose some weight Juliet PLEASE.

  3. I’m not making the connection so unno doan come for me alright! !!…it’s just that I can’t help thinking me need two extra large blue tarpaulin cuz April showers soon upon us.

    Spoon I know that dress u speak of with this one bag of pockets galore. .all the zip have on pocket. Don’t ask me a wha Juliette has that need to stay on her person mek she have so much pockets!

  4. Beautiful lady she look nice, the stylist wicked with that unnecessary side trail.its never a hit its always a miss but i love this lady.she soon reach rome never complete in 1 day.

  5. Met see dem destroy wan Jewish cemetary deh… Chumpp a play with the wrong set a people him need fi reel in him followers.

  6. This is the first time I have seen a decent dressed black woman on this site, maybe I am logged on at the wrong time, pardon me if I am wrong.

    Post more women of this stachure, we need some good examples of what a real black woman is suppose to look like for the others that are unaware.
    Have a blessed day!!

  7. This is what a real black woman is suppose to look like, this is the first time I have been on this site and seen a picture of a decent black woman, correct me if I am wrong, maybe I am logged in at the wrong time.
    Let this be a good example of what a real black woman is suppose to look like, this might set a precedent for the others to follow.
    It’s good to know that decent black women still exist, I give her credit, she looks perfectly stunning.
    Have a blessed day everyone!!

  8. I love it perfect example of how a lady of grace and education should dress . Plus being a Christian that’s a plus . Lead by example Juliet because only people with low self esteem wear naked clothes . You are a mother and the wife of the PM of one of the best country your outfit was for that occasion .

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