0 thoughts on “PREPARED BEET ROOT

  1. How the hell this long time big man,from Guyana who collect rent from nough Jamaicans in the 90’s either by cash or other payment plans reach pink wall. Met, this man aka Mr. Man been bleaching since 19 how long, before nough people reach a foreign, till sometimes it looks like his skin peeling off.

  2. He owns BUILDINGS(apartments)he put that 80’s early 90’s easy making money to good use and he use to sew for nough of the 90’s man dem back in the days.
    Met, ask anybody a the long time people about Mr. Man

  3. All mi want know a who that gal on the right well a grin up , the man look familiar to me. Sender send a clearer pic of that happy couple plz, mi well concert. ..dis man face HARD feh look at eeennn mad

  4. Lee !!! I know him yes he used to f**k Omar platinum and he also used to f***k Shaba luxury ! He live in rose dale on 259 th street and 147 rd around there I went to a party at his long time ago. He also does check scams with Omar and Dwayne weh dead now.

  5. Kill omar dead him ah nuh battyman lol i been knew omar was a fish him ah try show off pon ig with him lickle pickney probably use di gal fi get pickney

  6. Lee long time fish MONEY LONG STAR BARBIE GO GET YOUR MAN DWLLL SO OMAR PLATINUM AND STAR BARBIE IS MATIE NOW smh things they do believe because I see Lee given star Barbie money and giving Omar platinum champagne a lot of time in the club

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