Met I’m a family member of one of the people mixed up in this love triangle. First of all let me point out that Prince don’t own nothing in America but his kids not even the clothes or shoes dem that him wear every piece of clothing is a woman buy it. Him walk and kotch wid every woman him deh wid every woman a New York that know him or know of him should know this. He’s a user that’s not even smart enough to use what he’s getting and better himself all him focus on is the hype life wid him bruk self. Now let me touch on Crystal and Prim, Crystal is nota troublemaker but don’t trouble her she’s quiet and humble but if anybody mess with her she can and will defend herself. Crystal and Prince had a falling out when she was pregnant Prince did some disrespectful shit like not taking care of his responsibilities in the home so Crystal put him out. He had a big woman he was using she take her hard earned money and rent room give him ms Prim she because she desperately wanted to be the winner in this shituation decided fi take him up inna fi her place of course user Prince nah go turn dat down. All this time Crystal nuh know wha a gwaan she didn’t even know say Prim exist. When Prim got pregnant she and her friend dem start terrorize Crystal phone text messages and calls telling her Prim is the winner and she’s gonna be having the princess this is when Crystal start put 1 and 2 together. All this time Prince a text and a call down Crystal how him miss him family and want to work on things on a everyday basis. Crystal take him back which was stupid on her part but she must know wha she a do. Same way she kick him out same way him come back wid him bag dem. The day of Prim shower Crystal kept the christening Prince chose not to go to the shower because he said he wasn’t interested this a nuh hear say dis a FACTS. Prim and her mother start bawl a the shower and a call and text him phone he started feeling bad and at about 11:45pm decided to show him face that’s when him and Crystal start argue because him say he wasn’t going and all of a sudden change him mind. Crystal have her kids dem at home she didn’t leave her house at all fi go mash up Prim shower people just want twist up the story on top a that the slash story makes no sense Prince don’t own a vehicle the truck belongs to Crystal. Prince needs to get his acts together Prim baby is gonna make #5 she a run down first place with a man that don’t even know wha him want. Met you can word this how you want to but that is the truth.


  1. Sender you fi get talk say crystal tek prince from Tina n it use to be a big ting on ig n fb wey Tina n crystal war war over him it’s not crystal man first a Tina from expression man

  2. Yawnnnn….stretch. …belch excuse mi mannas…okay krystal family got it cuz dis was sed yesideh already.
    Why dis a perlong wen de story still remains de smae :nerd
    (Simplicity soon sign in)


  4. I’m here to speak the truth and nothing but the truth, so ….me G… lmao. I am not surprise that all of this is happening to Crystal. Crystal is a nobody. She has a tag of men behind her name. Iriedale, Jay, Richie poo, Richie Well Well, plus another man who drinks at Klassique (the bar that she works)w etc..etc.So the difference between her and Prim is that she is a professional whore who is able to disguise her whorish habits. No lets talk facts. Prince does not long to no one, he is a free agent. Prince is a milf. F**k anything that smells, look or sound like woman, non-judgemental.
    Crystal know is Karma a beat har. Prince lived with Tina for five years, Krstal knew that, she acclaim she took Prince from the girl,, Met and Metters is the biggest lie that. I know everyone involved in this saga. Tina put out Prince without a piece a clothes on him back because Crystal and her friends dem nuh stop call her. she tell him, fi mek Crystal buy him clothes since she want him. Prince all go a Xpressions go war Tina because she him waan cum home.Up to recently mi si him inna Tina face and a beg har fi cum home wid har. Point blank, Crystal have to prove a point so even if Prince f**k a million woman, she not going to let go because she invest her money in him designer habits. Prince is just a user and him naah leave nuh a dem. Crystal baby, yuh corner dark. Mi si yuh up inna Club Universe a act a fool, drink a drunk, mamacitttaaaa a Karma. Relax and enjoy di ride,it just start.

  5. @ wicked yes. Him same one. A him furnish her apartment. Richie Poo all have video with her (Krystal) a give him head…woieeee it deh yah.

    1. bloodclat dis is another mix up Jay furnish har apartment? no me nah laugh dis ah joke him frnish me friend own to :cd :hoax2 :ngakak but why me did think Jay was a nice man him is not nice :mewek
      den smaddy can fvck richie pooooo noooo me need ah tacksiiiii !!! :mewek

  6. Duty foot prince from York street? Tony pickins nephew prince woman a war over? GOD if you no busy come ya so cause I need you. Only if these girls know who they arguing over. I can’t stop laugh. A better them did a fight for the younger brother Ricky it wouldn’t so bad. No man MET why you never tell me say is this prince longtime? Sender you not telling no lies him never own nothing a Jamaica either. Him well bleach out sa

    1. Bre Bre cum yaaaahhh. As a kirkist whi was frens wid both Keisha and Nadine Flash, mi shock wen mi see seh a da prince deh. Yuh rite ricky well nicer dan prince, mi hear im married and gal gi him X6 fi drive. Him nuh hype like prince. Prince fi file fi im madda now, Marcia must waan c foreign now.

      1. When me see say a him I was surprise too but chip don’t fall far from the block the family is whore alike and Marca give up on foreign years ago from when her bother come and help up everybody expect she. I have piece a story my mouth a jump to run pon met dwl

  7. Disclaimer from now: This is just my personal opinion; mi nuh know none ah dem suh beg unu duh, tek time wid mi…
    Now!! In my opinion, mi feel seh the Crystal girl tek back the bwoy fe spite Prim..there are plenty of shameless men *and I use the term men very loosely* that are licky licky and beg very neatly and they will take things from woman *personal experience*…men like them have no pride nor shame and will lick and suck out a woman’s private parts to get what they want from her *if done right, the licking and sucking can tun ooman inna eediat :malu2 *….yuh si, when there is 10 womens to one man, the man will feel like him ah don donovan and run di place sleeping wid all different kinds of womens because he can’t lose out…1 down, 9 more weak crotches womens tuh go, and so the cycle continues….womens must up them standards and choose men that are for the long hauling and not the vagina calling, bottom line…..

  8. Tina the pill them weh u did tek should a kill you.. Yes you did tek the over dose when crystal tek prince.. A me did a drive the ambulance..

  9. Prim follow in you matey footstep as you drop the belly take the road cause me deh a every party n me want see the fight them.. Don’t wait till the pum pum heal

  10. Prince need fi f**k fi some papers though.. Prince you no smart me want lick you in a you head .. Foolllllll you should a get papers by this.. But me forget say Tina fi tek weh you landing form out you passport I95 .. You affi go back home them even if me decide fi marry you

  11. Well well When mixmaster want hear the ppl dem business she talk garbage. Tina don’t have to overdose. If she call Prince today, him run like baby. Prince always want Tina, but Tina not gonna stand his nonsense. Crystal baby didn’t born blind, so why Prim baby ago born blind. Go read a book and get some knowledge. Prim honey, sorry to say but the same way you get him, is the same way you lose him. Crystal karma a tek you rass. Prince you need to grow up

  12. I know Krystal very well & she she is a nice & hardworking person but Prince is a Dog and Krystal need fi stop be blind mi & Krystal close & fi mi lay down careless price would a fu*k off me to him nuh care who you are. Prince use to up under this female mi use to call mi fren/sis & tell har how him & Krystal lef & everywhere a the 2 a dem him even ask fi move in with har & tell har how him & him granny live bring har guh Krystal yard & give har Krystal truck fi drive,,until one night mi out with har n Krystal come say hi to me in a club universe & say hi to har and start talk to har then mi touch and say a Prince woman weh him say him lef that, the next day she call mi n say omg mi feel bad Krystal was so nice that really surprise me cause female like she fu*k a gal man & laugh with them wife n don’t care. She confront Prince and the Batty boy tell har say a because mi want him mek mi a tell lie until she go out & catch dutty Prince with Krystal har self anytime afta that mi ask har bout Prince she say she nuh deal with him… Sometime mi feel bad Krystal but if she see all a this a happen to har n can’t walk away mi nuh think mi can change har mind. Krystal Prince walk and deny you like Judas did Christ & him did ready & willing fi move out & guh be with((( ____ ____Improving)))))but dem gal deh love money & Sollo knock him out the race but mi ago save that part fi a next day.

  13. Unu too bad prince got his paper he just don’t have the money to go to Jamaica go hype on poor people yet and I never heard of him f**k man but I heard him don’t play with the Syphilis. Well let me not said heard I know for a fact he doesn’t play with the diseases prince penis is indeed a gun fire bare shots and not blank shots get a visit to the nearest doctor shots him a lego. MET I want tell you something bout him bad but him would and know a who me lol. And for everybody that’s going to come comment now let me make it clear! NO PRINCE NEVER F**K ME BUT HIM F**K A FRIEND A MINES !

  14. Mawning.. Me see kristal lastnight .. What a way she dry out .. No man prince will suck you dry ladies run… She almost look like skeleton .. Ohhmyyyyyy… Me hear say the prim she affi visit the emergency room .. Crying syndrome a kill her she can’t stop bawl poor thing.. She say she shame bad…

  15. Prince don’t have a paper that’s a big lie!! And I see kristal and the girl look good for someone who jus gave birth! She is a big fool for nasty cocky prince. They are both beautiful ladies why they going at it for someone without class or ambition? That’s the part that bothers me… Smh

  16. No senda the state the kids live in own them, unless him have custody. Considering he is undocumented so prince really nuh have nothing inna America or abroad. Sass crisse what a life

  17. Unno come offa d bwoy name now,prince use to things ano Farine buss him,him buss frm him born,a vex unno vex bcuz him don’t want unno r unno family dem

  18. Prince frm York street use to things frm him born,prince never go a him bed yet hungry n him ever have clothes n shoes cause him family dem mek sure a dat,a bayyyy mek him nuh want unno n unno family dem,f**k dem n leave mi family

  19. Unno come suck d cheese off him big cocky wey a mad unno,hey mi ignorant fi unno nasty rass,unno fi lef unno fone number mek we finish it on whatsapp

  20. Prince have him yard a Jamaica wey him welcome to anytime so if don’t have to worry,prince a star boy frm before him born dat y unno a run him dun,,prince don’t want unno him tell me say him a use d whole a unno,,him never put nuh gun ano body head fi mine him unno want quality so unno have fi pay fi it,n unno nuh worry bout Marcia she well taking care of,,, come off a we name,unno fi go tek unno money wey unno a use mine man n go get a new pussy cause prince tell me say it doneeeeeeee

  21. Dutty suckhood bre bre it look like tru prince a f**k u fren u jealous and wnt him f**k you too big hole gal. Prince fi f**k and duck the idiot gal dem cos if dem did smart dem wouldn’t ina position fi make man a mad dem and give dem disease so anything him do him fi dweettttt!!!!!
    Wat away prince important hahah. Uno likkle careless dutty gal goodly ina worst situation dan dis but uno com pon social media a try tlk opinion cos none ain’t no knw facts bout prince life and prince nice clean sisters and brothers. Uno go read a book and wash uno suddy pussy and suck a monkey dick so uno can get Ebola and vanish. Low life miserable hole bitchess!!!!!!

  22. PRINCE CAN TRAVEL ANYTIME HIM WANT COS HIM PICKNEY DEM BORN A AMERICA A JUST OME DEH A JAMAICA ABAAYYYY. SOME A UNO DOMT EVEN KNW how inside a plane look. Prince been there done dat. Uno go suck prince good and get syphilis weh uno say him av and dead dirty johncrows. Crystal lucky him never breed her and run weh to. Dutty bre bre u ano prince speed and a dat a hurt u junju hole gal cos a bare coke head u f**k nasty gal. U muma hungry and a starve go sell u dutty front and feed u muma dutty gal. Prince is healthy and strong and a that hurt uno. Him mad uno family but he’s quite alright and living life. Prince ain’t the one over dosing or crying at times. Prince freeeeee he ain’t a f**king married man so him can do whatever him want and f*k any amount a gal him please!!!!!

  23. Wooyyyyyyy LOLOLOLOO me and prince just deh ya can’t stop laughing at you idiots. Keep talking until uno start chat facts cos uno no mek sense at all. Uno dumb dumbbbb. LOL danggg prince I rate u even more. U got these bitches upset and u ain’t evn member their asses .. Prince don’t stop doing what u doinggggggg a baayyyyyy we godbless and a dat a kill demmmm raayyyy

  24. Uno fi reveal uno self make prince family dem f**k up uno bloodclat. Dat uno fi do. A grudge uno grudge d boy tru d idiot gal dem a mind him and uno affy a mind uno man ..blame God ano his fault dem jus a send on pon him so hah

  25. For dat bitch who name wicked. Why u a dead with laugh? Try make sure u brush u mouth from morning bout u come a laugh. U too damn nuff and a dats why uno end up lose uno life sometimes. All u weh man a piss ina u dutty mouth fi go Sidung cos ano ur pussy shot ppl enu a u mouth ,like u forgot so mi affy remind u.
    Prince soon come piss ina u dutty mouth to bout u a ‘DWL’ continue dwl Nuh wid u crush self if I were u I woulda take up mi bible and go pray cos u life sad dan a twin funeral ole hore

  26. Prince to d f**king world,,d amount a gal a line up fi prince unno can stay,prince r Ricky nuh want unno,Ricky have up him good good wife Berta n a she a dis boss u heard,,nasty Bree Bree n wicked mi a beg unno please reveal unno self n u see wat happen

  27. Uno no call Marcia name a baxide cos she suppose to give up pon foreign after a never foreign she born. She maybe no go America but she travel pon plane before so her passport have likkle stamps and fi uno own blank like printing paper .. Clothes fit prince so him suppose to have bare clothes so what. Ano ever day stay fit cos nuff ppl have stäy and still can’t fly .. Suck uno muma dutty pussy and gweh.

  28. All you miss dutty bre bre tings goin reach you and u ago wonder a wah u ever do ina life fi deserve it. Your day coming elevator hole gal .. Gwan chat off u dutty mouth cos that’s all u good for anyways!! If a never fi u mouth u wouldn’t have Internet fi a tlk shxt weh u no knw cos u suckhood fi a living

  29. Prince no find him wife yet cos none a dem gal deh ano wife material so if papers dida stop him him woulda run go married uno retarded cousin or sister or whoever prince deh wid fi uno lololol

  30. Hahaha,my family is f**king all d pussy in America,dweet youth dweet..not even obeah man can help unno to rass,n chino u kno say prince a f**k man bcuz him f**k ur fada n all a ur Breda dem,one life him have to live n him choose to live it d way him want,suh I guess unno soon affi stop talk bcuz him still ado prince not u r wat unno want.abaaayyyyyyyyyyyy

  31. Prince U fi left d whole a dem mek dem dead,nuff gal want u but no man r woman nuh want dem,man done pon dem dat y dem wah tie Marcia son but mek mi tell unnu dis a lie unno a tell,unno tink prince no have no one but unno wrong again n again

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