Nooooo met da 1 ya need more ppl…. So Denyque all d brag yu brag bout d man yu still a get bun wid 1 a d biggest b*tch in d bizniz!
Dirty aneka tel 1 a ar fren dem seh yu man cyah stop f**k ar caus him love hw d p**y feel .. no girl mi feel it fi yu afta all yu gu pon big big parade bou proud wifey yet yu popcaarn ring still nah mek yu stp get bun. it sad eee mi did tink a tru luv wen mi seet d fuss couple time bt nw him tun big big promote yaa gu b jus like Kim brag bou ar man yet all she do a get barrreee bun,,, hush goodie mi feel it fi yu cause it nuh get nuh betta dan dis. mi did no seh supm wrong ino unnuh cyah jus perfeck su


    1. I agree. Nobody nu faker and hype lIke Denyque. Flexing for the gram when none of dem cute. Her man ugly ni rass n look like him mouth stink. Denyque in person is basic af…so idk who she can hype on. Plus she nu make that much money to hype on her soul. But Aneka tho….mi wuda shameee Caz that gal ugly nu rasssssclaat!!!!!

  1. Lolol well is a so then denque neednto leave because he’s now even cute and them little shorts he be wearing needs to go….also so she need to let go of the over the top love post like she Neva know she would a get ring lol….anyways so was it his bar and grill aneka was at/promoting on her Instagram?

  2. I hear denyque a f**ka gyal. A very popular dj say him never f**k her, she f**k and pap him dung. Mind u this dj known fi him good f**k n big hood so me believe him.

    Anyhoo if she a get bun a just so but me nu feel a cuz the sex whack. Her man short and crawny anyway…coo pan him too. Bout him a hi bun psssssh

  3. I think she knows nd dont care didnt see write a song about it a seh tek yuh phuck nd gwaan cause Denyque tun wifey

  4. Aneka f**k somebody in every crew that had a little hype over the years.. Nah lie still me get few f**ks offa her couple years ago and it never 3 bad.. Funny enough she always a say the exact line the sender said.. “cyah stop f**k ar caus him love hw d p**y feel”.. She just a gwaan f**k for some free food from the bar and grill and couple maps ticket

  5. Kiss mi teeth! A wat dey pon that fat cut puss bwoy way Denyque see. She can do way better than dat and shouldn’t a tek bun from dat bwoy dey. A wat suh. Gal go fine good man yah. Him always look unkempt and disheveled. Shut them always too tight and him too hype. My girl, cut you losses and gwane. Him nah stop gi you bun and certain gal you must not f#@#k after. Argument done!

  6. Listen dah big pussy bwoi yah wouldnt be ntn without Denyque mi aaate him! And really and truly Aneka is nooo good gyal a nuff man she try mek wife her and she dooontt have it !!! She haffi fck ppl man to feel good about herself. Mi nuh like Denyque suh pshhh ….

  7. Him short and stucky and ever a smize ina picha like him think him a d cute one ina him shorts dem. Denyque did always friten fi man wid likle coolie hair so me nu surprised but to how she gwan over this midget..kmt

  8. Well me and denique is fren, and she already know he f**ked her at the end of the day denique know he’s nothing without her and is her money make him have little life now… She just a make him gwan smile little more, cause she about to bore a hole in that ship…

  9. Kiss mi teeth. Mi sight Denyque & the bunnner piggy at Iberostar inna July, and the way the bwoy galang, so hype. She was his personal “fetcher”, cause that sour hog just lay out pon the chair and dey pon him phone and Denyque get up every 10 second gone fetch drinks and stuff. Him tek 1 dip inna the pool and a swear when him step inna the pool and a try float, is one big shine belly piggy. Plus, the swim trunks he had on, you could see that he was NOT packing any punch there at all. Wat him a tek and give Denyque bun wid. Kiss mi teeth. My girl run way left that fat piggy dey. You can do better. You should not be tekking bun from that fat hype piggy.

  10. Mi hear seh eva since the bredda a f**k aneka fren d 1 weh name milianfashion pon ig a suh him nd aneka strt f**k . Dem boy deh nt even luk like dem have ntn bt d promoting.

  11. Fun and joke aside , every minute is a next post either about she or De man pan r ig .
    Dame suh yendi used to gwaan wid chino where are they now ? We all know a gal weh used to do the same thing . Is like u affi a try live up to social media standards and the fake life a try prove all is well .
    Cut the f**kery

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