1. U know seh mi listen Raga lastnite,it bruk mi heart Met, fi know seh a family wah a come from suh far reach yah suh. Bwoi dem need some serious help. She need fi stop air dem family biniz it so wrong. If dem can’t gree fine. BSuh guh dem separate way and love/hate from afar man. Need fi left di spotlite fi a while..

  2. Morning…I listen to them on raga, and I must say they need some SERIOUS counseling, is not badmind they have some deep issue and that cycle need to break because their kids are growing up and feuding with the cousins and all the molestation that is going on with the family needs to be address noh just come pon raga and talk it. me not even want watch the video no more bout puss and her sisters.

  3. Goodmorning met
    I’m sick ah she now this whole situation sad family vs family. Is like everyday she mek video and yet this kerryann has yet to answer her making puss look even dumber. Anyways met I like the new look

  4. Love the new jmg set up….when mi log on mi did haffi refresh the page fi see if a the right place mi deh

  5. Not this lady again! Dem need fi seek couseling quick fast and stop grudge one anada. Mental illness is a hell of a thing!

  6. Mi agree wid everybody else. Dis need fi come tuh ah screeching halt. Puss yuh need fi haul an pull up!!!! Dis call fi ah serious crisis intervention, cah dis is jus strife pon top ah strife an ah sosuh hostility dis ah breed.

    1. Tru caz Raga can’t help dem free up dem mind if dem don’t want to and it don’t look like dem want to…bwoi nevah see a family breathe hate suh no sah. Bob seh “None but ourselves can free our minds” dem need fi do dah.

  7. Fe real!!!…enough is enough now Puss, and tek time puddung di shoes before yuh bruck di dining room table..Puss, yuh really not setting a good example for the kids dem with this whole ordeal; it’s so unfortunate, but let it go mummy…just let it be…not worth the time, attention nor energy babes…

  8. i mean buy what you can afford but does this lady know that most of her shoes are giuseppe zanotti knock offs ? so maybe she shouldnt be so proud saying her “good shoes” dem
    i’m just saying

  9. Is that tape on the dining room chair??? How she resting worn shoes on the table where she eat from??? Mi nah look

  10. u up a top puss r nobody never ask weh r shoes dem come from. leave the woman and r gd up gd up shoes dem.

  11. LOL…. MNL.. But does she realize dat none of her “Good shoes dem” has any names. hmm I wonder y?? But dat is none of my bizness! LOL…

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