Met this is lexxie from tavern Gaza slim did deh wid to him get shot up & dead & mi ere say him have woman a cry from all bout


12 thoughts on “R.I.P LEXXIE

  1. SO wait deh, How him a put on clothes or half have on clothes? is a gal set him up or is a man yawd him get ketch ina? DAh scene yah no look to ritid. Welll this will be a Funeral to see .. Whoa di hotess and who is di wife..

  2. We need to stop killing on another…. black on black crimes really NEEDS TO STOP ASAP!!!!…….the outcome is contributing to society in helping decreasing our people for the white man! #unnecessarynonsense

  3. First of all i see some harsh comment here y’all didn’t know him and a neva no man house him ina that’s his house i hste people on the net always talking stuff they don’t know this is my babydad n I’m asking u please to rrmove it or I’m reporting y’all

  4. Yes they need to remove it because if u dont know him dont say anything anyone who knows him dont want to see him like that an thats in his bedroom R.I.P alex i will miss u expecially wen i come to Jamaica.i still cant belive it

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