PETER Ranking, a popular sound system deejay from Greenwich Town, died March 9 in Toronto, Canada.

His wife Carol told the Jamaica Observer that Ranking (given name Lanford Peter Legore) succumbed to cancer at Scarborough General Hospital. He was 53 years old.

Peter Ranking came out of the vibrant ‘Greenwich Farm’ music scene of the late 1970s alongside singers Rod Taylor, Phillip Fraser and Sammy Dread.

Several of his songs were ‘combinations’: True History (with Taylor), African Girl (with Sammy Dread) and Black Am I which was done with deejay General Luckey, a regular collaborator.

Peter Ranking’s best known song was Eases and Squeezes, a combination with General Luckey.

He moved to Toronto 18 years ago after living in the United States since the mid-1980s.

Lanford Peter ‘Peter Ranking’ Legore is also survived by seven children, three sisters and two brothers.

The thanksgiving service for his life takes place March 21 at Global Kingdom Ministry in Toronto.

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