Jamaican girls are very hot pretty and can dress their ass off but who is this chick any info from your followers a friend if mine have a crush on her wants to know if she is a dancer or any credible info



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  1. Mawnin met :kiss

    Name : Kaseina Davis
    Alias: Kassy
    Age : 24
    Prev Occup: Taboo dancer/stripper/GOGO
    Current Occupation: Prostitution.
    Hobbies: Dancing…Smoking weed & bleaching her skin to heights of crawniness.
    Interests: Brazilian Hair/Money/Clothes/Bleaching Cream/Traveling to small islands.


    1. Do you know the prices she charges for her services and is overhead (plane fare, hotel and gratuities) included? BTW, are you her booking agent and can you get me a discount….willing to spend

  2. U know me just ago say dm di girl and ask her, but see wicked rince the file deh..
    good morning met and metters

  3. Good morning MET!! a dead me a dead wid d girl file – yea man a dat dem waan, so stupid see gyal pon
    IG n a fall inlove!!!!!!!!!! him no can go send some brazillian hair fi her

    1. thats photoshop love ! check her in person wid dem tatoos all over her crawny buss up veiny veiny body and u will see some other bitch lmfao! I think she was rather attractive when she was dark … eff u wa see when joncro jaw breaks check out har edges :travel

  4. Met and the crew, good morning!


    We di Bible seh, ask and it shall be given!?!

  5. Wickeddddddd. Omg u are killing me, . Dem fool fool man jus wan see a brown gal and den skin catch a fire, then down the line the gal a bitch, whore and all kind of nothing lol

  6. Ey. A who name “WICKED” Come to di front please and come tek u trophy!!! U bad nuh BBC. Met, call him up deh fi me please. I just effing died. U fi do betta man. Lmaoooooooo

  7. Asking for a friend my ass. Ask da same ” friend” if him pocket tall.and him teely taller, cuz he goin need a big stump fi fit inna dat bucket.

    1. Speaking from experience, I suppose, or maybe you are her gynecologist and it’s your job to inspect the girl pusc to be in a position to know the size and dept. Anyway, if the pusc big, there is always the option of f*cking her with her in a completely legs closed position for a tighter fix, more friction. Wey yuh sey pusc watcher?

  8. Kassy was likkle & neat & cute, well she still likkle & cute its just that she mess up her skin with the bleaching. She normally go small island go dance gogo that is after she was a waitress in taboo & learned how fi work di pole from the taboo dancers. But she find a big man while dancing ovaseas

  9. Wicked she nevva dance gogo a taboo she was a waitress but she learn from there how to do pole tricks then she go small island go dance. She and dhq sher a bestie.

    1. One has to question the veracity of your other comments, since you cannot get the basics correct. Why don’t you admit that you just try fast online peoples’ business and make stuff up to make yourself look and feel important. You are a wicked woman and pussy watcher. btw, is your pussy any good? Still selling at the smaller islands?

      1. wait deh…is what wicked seh wrong? She not lying on this girl …she has been here before she start bleach and after…as a matter of a fact is when she start bleach she start go small island go sell …what she mek up tell mi?

      2. TERRY u see if a yuh a comment again.. fass online?
        Bitch please im stating facts everybody know bout kassy !!
        She was also a groupie oh i forgot to add that into interest and hobbies.. but no money never into that with the artiste dem .. did i say she was ugly ? NO she was attractive dark and her skin was smooth without blemish now she look crawny its the truth .. she start smoke weed and she get even more mawga and crawny .. bitch because i said she was a taboo dancer instead of waitress that a simple thing because she was in fact working at taboo and dance a d small islands with sher dhq ..

          1. she also get a small feature inna Kartel summertime video .. thats when she was cute with dark skin

  10. gyal looks looks good trophey lookn gyal to be seen with lets be honest therz nothing abt her pics to speak bad about nooothing if a alter pics well dem look good r bleachn colour is better than most at least her brazilian makes she looks mixed cuz nuff gyal brazillian nuh match dem a rawse

  11. She must really buss up cuz dem tattoos on her arms nuh look too necEssary to be there suh a must sumn she a hide but lets be fair the pics r attractive but as u seh a photoshop and went further to say she looks different in person but a di picha people a look at still and judge. Big up yuhself still WIKID

  12. I remember when I met this girl thru promotional work. She was cute af.pretty black girl. I think she has dreads under those weaves aswel. But then the girl go bleach star and destroy her epidermis lol. She lives with her mom and lil bro. She and dhq sher are besTies. I know she was a waitress at taboo and then she and the girls fall out and they gang her. I heard her boss Sherma or sheMera whatever her name is allowed it too. But I know she was traveling to small islands but god knows I didn’t know she was swinging on the poll. I heard rumors but thought that’s all it was rumors. I haven’t seen her in a while still but she definitely look pretty in her pik.

  13. @Met, why unu deh pay TERRY Nuh mind??.Unu know a she an har multiple personalities dem a carry on like pple fabricate story before she go tek a raas bipolar meds..A suh mad pple give trouble all di while..

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