1. Gm morning all, @ anonymous at 7:47, please learn to spell the word before you try and call a group of people it. You said Jamaicans, and I’m quite sure you don’t know the educational backgrounds of all Jamaicans. We kindly ask that you would shut the f**k up and take several seats duncebat!!!

    1. but is true wat the person saying….lol……he is . not all jamaicans are, but this one is. i guess because mi nuh dark skin and ugly mi cant understand the bleaching thing. just like mi feel a mostly lazy, fat ugly women turn into butch because dem think is too much work to get them self presentable fi man.

      1. Yes, but if they are going to call a group illiterate, they should be able to spell the word correctly. The boy a promote self-hate. I can never respect these kind of people who think they have to bleach out their skin to be beautiful or accepted.

  2. Not all butches are lesbians, look how robbas try so hard to be girly but she always look butchish and daffisha always look like di gal, hold on, Asha mopar I think you right, LOL, dat make robbas and daffisha ting lez or gay, Muta need to talk to these young people, it no look good rasta.

  3. No straight man should ever say dem face on fleek. I just don’t understand bleaching. Worse man bleaching.

  4. If yuh eva si him in person
    Yuh scratch yuh head an ah wonder weh some men de pon
    Him face white an thin out
    Thin thin .an de rest ah him body icie black love de skin yuh in two tone browning ting nuh meck it
    Black body white face hand
    Peel peel up bout on fleek
    On crack is more like it
    Dumb ass

  5. Isn’t this the Van Driver that was caught red handed with all that drugs in the Company Van used to transport handicapped kids? Whatever happen to his drug case?

  6. Dem catch dis fish couple years ago a collect ganja a him job whats the out come of that him deh pon gram a bleach like a fish some man a real clown

  7. He stay bad he looking moe and more like a fish lol leave the bleaching already how much more lighter these people want to get??? If God wanted you white or lighter he would have done so smdh

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