SENDER 2:-Morning Met,

How your followers miss this 1. The Great Icon $4200 Gucci suit was a fake. Look on the details of the Real Suit. Jay tigers them on his suit ah run weh, flowers then on the collar is missing Jay pants dem big nuh f**k, Gucci clothes then cut slim. Princess apple is a fraud too. Mappie Champagne nuh mek dis reach yuh!!! Yuh bettah guh ah Woodbury Commons. Jay and Princess went straight to moods fabric.

49 thoughts on “RED PEPPER PUCCI

  1. I do not know Jay personally, yet an intricate fabricate (like the one used to make the aforementioned suit) may not render two exact suit jackets. His suit is indeed real.

  2. Morning Met Jay is A fraud, his first comment he deleted because he know his suit is faaaake, bout him ah tek video innah Gucci Store, y didn’t he take down the jacket suh people cyan sih dih real deal. 2nd Jay your receipt says information from original receipt, and all -4200 is showing. Up ah top of the receipt says 10/5. Yuh need fih google ah better receipt. Lastly who goes on vacation with a receipt???? We need answers Jay because right now yuh ah disappoint yuh fans dem

  3. Jay u 2 lie , because i too work for a store that sell them on order, THE ORGINALones come with the flowers on them, the flowers is Gucci trade mark , your suit is not real , and you know it. The isn’t so shine , plus look at the bow and your inside shirt , ICON it’s not the real one . It fake

  4. Plus, look at your bow tie and the one in the picture , look how your pants big an look , ICON it’s not the real one, you said you pay 45 GRAND for your suite , it fake and you know it .

  5. This is the suit verified the item #‎4278 Style ‎473080 on the return receipt and Gucci website. I’M just a bit confuse with this receipt dated 10/5/17.
    I know it’s returned because it states original receipt information and it was sent by FEDEX overnight priority someone must have really needed the $4,525.50 back on they card. Card # scratch off who’s card did you use greaticon?

    1. I could recreate that receipt using Word.

      Anyhoot…From the cut of the suit, the variation in tiger placement, the sloppy bow tie, the missing flowers ( all he had to say was he wore a different shirt but to how shock and shame grip him….)the size of the tigers and wth going on with the cuffs? Ikan I expect better from someone who has surpassed the 600k mark.

      interesting how daffy wasn’t tagged and ym was (my prime suspects)


    Met look at the pic closely Apple boot is busted open at the front of her ankle . I can’t believe YSL made a boot so cheap . Apple you need a refund mon….. And look by Jay hand his suit has a whole dragon coming at you. The real one has no dragon, it just has flannels and lighting bolts. And his collar has to much burgundy around it. The real one has a touch of burgundy and more blue in it. #issafake#fakefamiliesrus#fakegucci#fakeysl

    1. Yea Apple shoes fake fi true… it a buss out a di front.. there’s no way YSL ago mek a 10k boots so cheap

      1. Exactly!!!!! @Met post the pic and circle where the shoes buss out lol. Apple need to come explain why her YSL stay so. Her shoes aren’t even pointy like the real boots.

  7. Look like him buy the real one and wear it then return it. But why him bother put that up if it say transaction -$0.00

  8. Miss Met, I do not know any of these dancehall folks but I can tell you that the suit in question is indeed real. Some people need to stop the madness. We masy not like these dancehall folks but we need to fair at times.

    1. It is a fake n him too lie bout the stuff are appliqués. I could careless n I don’t know why ppl pay them mind like them important

  9. Him and Apple look like fool.Apple don’t know how to wear clothes….Clothes just don’t standout on her body,Opal wear the knockoffs with Style and bitches wearing the cheap dresses look better than you.

  10. Fake, fake n more fake. But thats wht u get for hashtags. Just wear it n hush up. But everybody want to be seen. Even the receipts dont seem right. It states fedx but with no tracking number, just like those boots for 10k. But yeah ok, to each it own, what ever makes you happy enjoy. But trust n believe wen u say brand ppl look n search every detail.

  11. Jay googled a receipt. Who is walking with a receipt on vacation, Jay is a mess!!! How you buying so much vanity and Unnuh nevah have dih money fih dih store. Unnuh please stop it. Jay yuh always change your clothes fih get wet up!!! How comes yuh nuh change this time???? Because ah mek yuh mek your Gucci suit wid dih tiger dem a runweh.

  12. But somebody pls tell me why would jay post the return receipt you mad stupid cause your juss showing the ppl them you return the suit where is princess apple return receipt for the boots and dress cause we know she never wearing it back

  13. I don’t see why people care so much .. sender is bored . The bitch ah lie bout working at the Gucci store .. she wouldn’t have so much time pon her hands this is dumb asf …They stay on Apple and Jay shit . Next topic please

  14. him set up himself wid di rcpt cause evryting pon it negative..returned to even if it real him dont own it,,,

  15. fi dat mount a money dem coulda fly out someweh exotic fi di birthday…wait NVM apple cyaa leff US territory…so i guess dem haffi sekkle fi one of the many states we have..pick a state pick a state anyyy state…TA DAAAAA Miami it isss

  16. Well maybe i don’t know style or keeping up with the trend, but that’s one ugly looking suit, 4500US for that shit!

  17. Lol so wait a min is how much so them Mek from the party? Because the key is to make money so why spend $20k ior more on outfit if u pretend like them that the fit is real I’m sure they don’t make that much for profit…this is hustling backwards one on one lol

  18. I am inclined to think its REAL with the exception that he purchased it (ALLEGEDLY THROUGH FRAUDULENT MEANS) and then return it. I feel thats what occured here. But that’s just me!!!..I DONT CARE MUCH FOR EXTRAVAGANCE SO I CAN BARELY TELL FAKE FROM REPLICA…I have way better things to spend my money on..IJS..

  19. Jay u handled yourself well but the only reason this happened was because of the HYPE, HUMBLE UNNO SELF. From long time mi think J is cool, I always thought it was the wife that is hype. When people call attention to themselves u have to take the bad with the good because showing off bring disgrace. I could care less about the authenticity of the suit, a better him did wear a fake 1 r a nice classy suit because 4,000+ is 2 hard to come by. People wear weh u can afford because the fashion police will shame u

  20. Ok I understand! Now I can post, but other people might have a hard time trying to post their comments. It’s a trick to it. What’s going on? Maybe someone trying to shut down the site again? Something ain’t right. I don’t know if I should say what I did to make my comment post. Should I?

  21. Raja dat in Miami and he said he is bringing home the man babymomma tomorrow back to NY. Is it Kwesi Raja throwing words on? It’s on Raja IG. Is Dolly in Miami with Raja?

  22. If back in the 90s Jay (he can’t) was really selling CDs then he wasn’t the men Beenie Man was singing about then in the song…

    .“Moschino a number 1,
    But when mi check it out a sketel name brand,
    Versace a booger man, but yet still it wear by the most bad man”…

    My point is. If him Neva did a wear name brand in the 90s that’s why now year 2017 both him and his dunce wife are going really harddddd just to prove to people that “him step up inna life now” because I can’t bet my two stale tuff crackers that back then … none of the two of them had no respect. (And they still don’t )

    The real dads of all times laugh him to scorn when he is in Jamaica. They all know he is BROKE.

  23. I’m not a real vs fake expert but I can tell you that when designers make prints on their clothes it is never one in the same. Meaning the fanric may be the same but the placement in where the prints are situated may be slightly off.

    Also, it seems as though he posted a return receipt which further more proves the suit might be real but he clearly couldn’t afford it because he take it right back. Real rich people buy their expensive clothes and hang it back up in dem closet, even if it only wear once. These people renting clothes and have the nerve to run go hype on Instagram like them could afford it, meanwhile them haffi bring it back to lender. Smh substance over hype anyday fimi.

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