Patience Ozokwor and her daughter is really evil in this LATEST 2014 nollywood movie, Her husband shouldn’t have married her but that’s one of the things that comes a man’s way in life.What is the way out.Is an unpredictable Family,A must see movie.

0 thoughts on “ROASTED ALIVE

  1. this show was sooo good mi cyaan even put it into words yo. It nuh have segment inna it wha feel like it draw out too long (yuh know how sum ah di show dem can go). Everybody mi tell fi watch dis show seh it bad like yaws. Patience ah star from long time. this was definetly ah big hit. thanks met

    1. :peluk It wicked bad man…dem get whey wid di wickedness fi too long but u must watch calabash i cant wait f the end a dat

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