1. Memba robbers the whole a unno friends a sink 1 by 1…. That day will come. One a dem time u a gun do some serious time

  2. Morning… Just because it put off until next march, don’t mean she wont be convicted, when her private lawyer went to court, some paper work was probably missing,so gwan celebrate fe now!!!!…oonu have sticky fingers and cant stop and wont stop TheiFT!!!!

  3. No wonda she n daffy haffi a split one patty n a small food di whole a di food money a spend pon lawyer ooooooookkk now I see gotcha

  4. Now I don’t know these ppl except they life story on social media. So someone please tell me how they sharing food when they on vacation cause mi a catch a case of BADMIND so please talk the truth. My edu-mi-cation can’t get me house car and 5 vacation in less than 5 months and mi a wonder if I should continue with more edu-mi-cation lol. Cause maybe if mi learn to steal, be freak and the little edu-mi-cation I would be better off. lol

    1. U gwaan meck dem trick u bout vacation five time a year which profession allows vacation 5 times a year not even Obama no teck so much vacay by the way when Robert Robbas go upstate fi go do har 10 finger discount n them like dem a tourist a vacation they ain’t fooling no one not the police n store security FO SURE!!!!!!! N yes she n daffy whey white squall ever a tear off him mouth corner share 1 small food n mi nah teck that back CALL THE POLICE N SEE IF DEM WILL LOCK MI UP FI SAY SO R NAHHHH

  5. She used my credit card info before and think I don’t know its her. I always felt it was her but had no proof until her friendship PAC broke up. I hope you reading this now bittch because I’m sending this court info to immigration bitch

  6. Her and daffy was sharing the glasses in Hawaii lmao as one take it off the other one put it on. Daffy lick out bobette batty for clothes the whole world knows that his mouth always smell like shit.

  7. Met someone should go in the court on that day look up her name on the list to see what court room and see what’s really going on with that case. Ill get it done lol I’m going to send someone there yep someone she don’t know after all they already work in the building and no they can’t get fired for listening to what’s going on with the case its something most ppl do on break that wants to kill time

  8. Chocolate I see u was hot for me today. Any who I don’t think she will go to jail for something under $1000 and has a private lawyer

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